Blogging with THE GALS!

Had to share from Obnoxious SAH Mom
HAPPY VGNO Gals! My first time partying with you and I'm happy to have a network of fun gals to spend time with . . . I may get lost in some blogs! So if I go missing, somebody make sure I get back home. lol.

Not a party gal? Take the plunge with the origianl Virtual Girls Night Out at Ann's!

I'll be Blog mIngling with you all soon . . .

Heather Mac

Co-Owner & Senior Crafter



  1. Happy VGNO -- Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Come over and visit!

  2. Welcome to VGNO! Stop by when you get a chance, we are going to a virtual concert tonight!

    Happy VGNO!

  3. I had a FIL crisis last night which cut my partying short...so I'm making up for it stopping by this morning with some brunch! ;)

    Hope you had a fun VGNO night! :)

  4. Love all you gals. Thanks for stopping in!


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