HIS Kids Craft: Rainbow Windstreamers

Don't know about ya'll (bet you can't guess where I'm from), but it's still really windy here. Time to take a step out to the back door and test out how fun the wind can be. . . after I take my Benadryl, of course. Here is a craft from April 2009: HIS Kids Club Feature Craft #3 Rainbow Windstreamers. You can build it here by following the directions and watching "The Scouts" HIS Kids Craft T.V. broadcast. No time or materials to craft? That's O.K., get you all-inclusive craft kit at http://www.themacrak.com/ or TWEET YOUR ORDER (http://twitter.com/MacRakMom) Tweet via Direct Message: HCKF3-MRORBS-0904 and your email - We will invoice you through Pay Pal ($5.25 + $1.00 Shipping). Happy Crafting!!!

Rainbow Wind streamers Craft
(This craft is not intended for children under the Age of 3. Adult supervision is recommended.)

Craft Benefits: Hand-eye coordination, Patterns, Creativity, Sense of Accomplishment, Motor Skills, Family Quality Time, Relationship Building & FUN!

Paper Plate
Multi Colors of Streamers

1. Outline the inside of the paper plate with a pencil, making a full complete circle.
2. Carefully use scissors, gently punching a small hole to begin cutting path along the edge of the circle, inside the paper plate. You should now have a large hole at the center of the paper plate.
3. Arrange your streamers in the pattern of your choice. Decide in what order you will place them on your plate.
4. Attach your streamers to the plate. Glue a thin ribbon of glue, in a half circle, on the outermost area (or rim area) of the plate. Place your streamers by the end of the streamer to the glue on your plate. Allow to dry.
5. Now use your wind streamers to run outside and test out the wind. Or put holes at the top and hang in your room as a mobile or outside as a wind sock. Discuss with your family what promise from God the Rainbow streamers remind you of. What are God’s most precious promises to you and your family?

Watch the HIS Kids Craft T.V. HOW-TO GUIDE on this craft - posted below.

We hope this quality time has been a blessing to you and your family.
For HIS Kids . . . For HIS glory!
Love: The Macs


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