Rainbow Hand Mobile

We have been really in to making rainbow crafts this month. Inspired by our study of Genesis & the double Rainbow we were blessed enough to observe just a couple of weeks ago. Man, I hoped to get a picture, but alas, camera missing from my purse. . . don't like that changing purses thing, it ALWAYS happens. Oh well, here is another rainbow craft to inspire you and your family to remember God promises and take hope in them.

(Not intended for children under age 3 years. Adult supervision recommended.)

Materials Needed:
Construction Paper
Cardboard template
½ Paper plate (no styrofoam)
1. Cut paperplate in half at the center. Then use the outline of the paper plate to cut your "rainbow arch".

2. Use a cardboard to make a template of your child’s hand. Use the template a trace one hand onto 4 different colored of construction paper. Maybe 2 each of each color. You should have about 8 handprints with differing colors.

3. Punch 3 holes in the arch, 1 in the center, and one on each end, left and right. Thread yarn strings into holes. Tie a knot allowing yarn to hang in place. Thread beads on the bottom of yarn in any pattern you choose. Tie knot at bottom of bead strand.

4. Arrange hands and glue them to the arched paper plate to make a colorful row of rainbow hands.

5. Allow to dry before hanging. Enjoy the mobile to remind you and your family of God’s great promises.

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Happy Crafting!
Heather Mac
Co-Owner & Senior Crafter

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  1. You have the best ideas, so creative! My son and DIL are here now. Surprised me! I was expecting them next weekend. I havent seen them since we flew out to CA to see them before he left to go to Iraq, so I am having a GREAT weekend and hope you are too!!!

  2. Enjoy your family! Thanks, as always, for stopping in!

  3. By the time I find my camera and turn it on, it's too late!

  4. He. He. I know what you mean. Praying my memory holds out through the years!

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