God Keeps His Promises Banner Craft {Family Table Time}

Crafting time can also be a great time to draw your child into greater  opportunities to learn as a family.  Family centered learning and discussion are great building blocks for every well-balanced child.  Children enjoy every opportunity to use glue, colors, paint, sequence, glitter ... and well just love to get their hands on some major potential mess-maker!

We have enjoyed lots of reading, lively discussion, crafting, hands-on fun and fellowship doing FAMILY TABLE TIME LESSONS together over the years.  Using a little glue, some simple crafting supplies and a little focus, you can begin discussing God's goodness with your child. 

TABLE TIME LESSON: God Keeps His Promises

Read aloud Genesis Chapter 15 together.
We loved to use the The Beginners Bible when the kids were smaller.

Ask your children to tell you what they know about God keeping His promises after hearing this story. 

Here are some addition Table Top Discussion "Starters":
  • Discuss as a family about Abraham and the covenant that God made with him.  What exactly IS a covenant?  Look up the word in the dictionary.
  • Why is the covenant still important to us today?  
  • Has anyone ever broken a promise to you?  
  • How did it make you feel? 
Now, you can help you child explore the joy of knowing God ALWAYS keeps His promises. 
  • Give your children some blank paper and ask them to draw a picture of a time that God has kept His promise to them.
  • Ask your child to write a list of five reasons that they are thankful for God's faithfulness in  keeping His promises.  You can use a blank journal to begin your thankfulness journal.  If your younger children are not yet writing, you can write there answers down for them and then let them color or decorate their page.


Crafter Level: This craft is not intended for children under the Age of 3, BUT littler children can easily complete this simple craft with hand-over-hand method.

Materials You Will Need: 
  • 4 Large Star Cut-Outs (we pre-cut our stars using a cookie cutter)

1.  Glue your sequin stars all over your blue construction piece (banner).

2.  Punch 2 holes on the top of banner. Now, thread your yard into the holes provided. Thread it from the back of you banner to the front. 

3. Write “God Keeps His Promises” one your stars. One word per star & glue to banner.
 4.  Next glue your craft sticks to you banner. Glue 1 stick to the bottom of banner & the other stick directly on top of pre-punched holes at the top of your banner. This should help secure your yarn to your banner. 

Photo Credit, CC via Compfight.com

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