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Welcome back to FREEBIE Friday, all you frugl fans out there. Each Friday, The Frugal Lady visits with her favorite finds from around the web (wow, that's a lot of F's). We bring you these great FREEBIES to help you and your family stretch your budget & bring joy to your mailbox. . . Hey, we all like to get mail that's not a bill!
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Free Young Hereos Club Kit for Kids

Healthy Beginnings - Free Baby Calendar

Free Christian Booklet on Healing

Free Frugal Gift Ideas: Gifts In A Jar

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Food Storage Sample

Free Stamps for Youngsters

Free Care Package For MarinesIf you are the family member or friend of a combat deployed Marine, you can request a package to be sent to your Marine. There is no charge; this is a FREE service for Marines and their families. Packages are shipped five times each year: early January, mid-March, early June, mid-August and late October.http://www.carepackageproject.com/receive.asp

Free Subscription to Psychology Today

Free Baby Calendar

4th of July Crafts and Recipes eBook

Free 4th of July Audio Downloads
You Are There July 4th, 1776
Let's go back to the Philadelphia Statehouse on a blistering hot July evening in 1776 when the gathered colonial delegates come to a crisis point -- with a British Armada looming ominously in New York harbor and certain attack imminent, will the Declaration of Independence be adopted, or tossed out altogether? This great episode of "You Are There" recreates the events of that day as they might have been covered by radio reporters, had they been there at the time. Listen to the events that occurred on the birthday of our country. A great "living history" program!
The Great Gildersleeve An Old Fashioned 4th of July
Also, here's our annual re-presentation of one of our favorite radio shows ever, the Great Gildersleeve’s Old-Fashioned Fourth of July program from way back in 1948. Boy, wouldn’t it be great to have a 4th of July celebration like this? This warm, funny, and patriotic episode captures a holiday full of carbide cannons, flags, patriotism, wagon rides, swimming hole antics, picnics and sing alongs... a way to spend a holiday that no longer exists today. You’ll love it!http://www.homeschoolradioshows.com/

Handwriting For Reading: Summer ebook

Free Furniture Polishing Cloths

Free Crohn's Cookbook

Free Childrens T-Shirt

Classic Children's Records to Listen and Download

Free Student Planners and Folders Kit for Teachers

Free Samples of Folders, Binders, Sheets

This is The Frugal Lady, reminding you to enjoy your FREEBIES and remember what IS NOT FREE . . . YOUR FREEDOM. Be sure to stop and thank a soldier or veteran, today!

Happy 4th of July, here in the greatest nation on God's green earth!
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Happy Savings!

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