HIS Kids Crafts: Sonshine Paper Plate Craft

HIS Kids Feature Craft #4 July 2009

(Not intended for children under 3 years of age. Adult supervision recommended.)

Craft “Purpose-filled” Benefits: Manual Dexterity, Patterns, Shapes, Color Patterns, Seasons, Nature, Solar System, Faith-Sharing, Family Cohesiveness.

Materials Needed:
Paper Plate
Construction Paper (yellow & orange)
*Optional* Child’s Photo

*Note to parents: This craft is easily adaptable for multiple children. It is fun for the kids to do this craft together, using the many different sized hands of the children in the family . . . Maybe the adults too!*

1. Fold construction paper. Trace your child’s hand on the construction paper. Create at lest 10 hands. Cut out the hand tracings.

2. Glue a circle of handprints, with fingers pointed outward from the plate, around the outside of the plate, alternating yellow and orange handprints. The fingers become the sunbeams.

3. Glue a second layer of handprints, with fingers pointing outwards, just inside the first circle.

4. Cut out the yellow construction paper circle, or use a photo of yourself to give your “Sonshine” a great smiley face . . . your's.

5. Discuss the summer season, the importance of the sun in our daily lives and the position of the sun in the solar system. You can talk about how the sun is like Christ, shining His saving light into our lives. Discuss with your child how we are to be like “stars in the universe” and why sharing Christ is so important to your family.
We pray you have been blessed by the quality time you just enjoyed with your child.

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