HIS Kids Craft: Tube Rocket

HIS Kids Feature Craft

efits: Manual Dexterity, Patterns, Shapes, Color Patterns, Measuring, Estimating, Space Exploration, Seasons, Patriotism.

Materials Needed:
Cardboard Tube

Construction Paper

Tape Pieces

1. Use Blue Construction Paper and wrap around the tube. Tape the paper in place covering ¾ of your tube. Now use glue to secure the construction paper around tube.

lits on one end of the tube. The slits should be approximately 2 ½ inches in length and each pair of slits should be located opposite one another. (The slits should divide the tube into 4 equal sections surrounding tube)

4. Using your red construction paper, cut out two identical triangles that are about 5 inches wide and 4 inches tall.

5. Cut a slit in each of your triangles. Each slit should go halfway through the triangle; one goes through the top of one triangle, the other slit goes through the bottom of the other triangle.

6. Using the triangle with the slit in the bottom, slip the other triangle onto the rocket’s body in two of the slits you made in the tube.
7. Using the triangle with the slit in the top, slip the triangle onto the rocket’s body (in the other two slits). In addition to going on the rocket, this triangle should slip into the other triangle. You may have to cut further and jiggle the paper to line the slits up. This should form a semi-steady base for your rocket to stand on.

9. Decorate your rocket with crayons or stickers. You now have a great patriotic rocket to blast- off to the stars!

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