It is time to slow down the instanity and focus, balance and re-center. Call a time out, unplug your phone, ignore your email . . . I promise, the world will not stop revolving if you take a 30 minute break! Follow the suggestions below to beat the Manic Mommy blues.
Here is the plan for our Manic Mommy Monday stop:
1. Gather the kids for this super fun Virtual Field trip!
Click below & start the field trip:

Virtual Field Trip at yarnsoftheheart.com

You could actually use this all week for a short break!

Print the passports & the map to help document where you have been. The kids will have fun & you will get a tiny break.

*Thank you to Jena from Yarns Of The Heart! *

2. Make yourself a cup of tea.

3. Turn on some classical music . . . or whatever helps you to "chill".

4. Read a Psalm & at least 1 chapter in an "entertaining" book! *No thinking allowed*

This is your mission to loss the mania! Should you choose to accept it, enjoy & post your results below.


Mrs. Mac



Graphics above provided by: Readybanner & Yarns of the Heart

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