Menu Plan Mondays

MENU Planning Mondays
Joining in with many of my blogging pals and sharing what will be at our family table this week. I went shopping yesterday & did not bring my coupons. (bad, mommy . . . I am slapping my hand for not slowing down) Even without my coupons & flyers on board, The Bug and I were still able to feed the family for under $70 (I usually can do it for under $50). So here is what's on the menu this week at The Macs:
Turkey Meatloaf, Garlic Potatoes, Salad & Brocolli
No sit down dining, we'll be running to scouts.
Nacho night (Buffet style) - The Scout cooks that night
*Sit Down Dinner*
Journey group night (Dad & Mom eat with Bible study group)
Kids - Potato Soup, crackers & an apple
*Sit Down Dinner for just the kids*
Turkey scallopionii pasta with basil tomatoes & Garlic bread
*Sit Down Dinner*
Mozzerella "stuffed" Turkey burgers on Whole Wheat Bun
Lettuce, tomato & Home fries
*Sit Down Dinner*
Left-over night - Or - Sandwhichs
*Sit Down Dinner*
Baked Chicken, Green Beans & Salad
*Sit Down Dinner*
Hope you have some great sit down dinners planned for this week too . . . What's on your table?
Have a blessed week!
Mrs. Mac

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