The Return of The Frugal Lady: Sunday Coupon Preview


O.K. ladies - ready to feel empowered, successful and joyful about your next grocery shopping excursion?  What you don't feel that way everytime you shop for the family's groceries?
Well, stop paying to much for that over priced bag of potato chips and let's be big girls!

We are bringing back the Frugal Lady and her helpful "penny-pinching" ways!

Start by taking a look at this upcoming Sunday's coupons.  The newspaper should include two set of coupon insert's this week.  There are a lot of good deals for baking items and Christmas gifts.  Save those coupons and be on the look out for the Return of The Fugral Lady . . . Hey, sequels pay better, right?

Happy Clipping and Saving.
The Frugal Lady

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