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Mystery Hostess Giveaway: Sponored by Heather Mac, your Usborne Educational Consultant.

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HIS Kids Craft: Tube Rocket

HIS Kids Feature Craft

efits: Manual Dexterity, Patterns, Shapes, Color Patterns, Measuring, Estimating, Space Exploration, Seasons, Patriotism.

Materials Needed:
Cardboard Tube

Construction Paper

Tape Pieces

1. Use Blue Construction Paper and wrap around the tube. Tape the paper in place covering ¾ of your tube. Now use glue to secure the construction paper around tube.

lits on one end of the tube. The slits should be approximately 2 ½ inches in length and each pair of slits should be located opposite one another. (The slits should divide the tube into 4 equal sections surrounding tube)

4. Using your red construction paper, cut out two identical triangles that are about 5 inches wide and 4 inches tall.

5. Cut a slit in each of your triangles. Each slit should go halfway through the triangle; one goes through the top of one triangle, the other slit goes through the bottom of the other triangle.

6. Using the triangle with the slit in the bottom, slip the other triangle onto the rocket’s body in two of the slits you made in the tube.
7. Using the triangle with the slit in the top, slip the triangle onto the rocket’s body (in the other two slits). In addition to going on the rocket, this triangle should slip into the other triangle. You may have to cut further and jiggle the paper to line the slits up. This should form a semi-steady base for your rocket to stand on.

9. Decorate your rocket with crayons or stickers. You now have a great patriotic rocket to blast- off to the stars!

Take Heart Believer: A new day is coming!

The world attempts to draw us into the pit almost daily, hourly, every second. It is in the news. Online. Everywhere! The economy, foreign policy, the government, the state of our country . . . what is there to look forward to in such a dreary climate.

"The unfailing love of the Lord never ends!…Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each day. " Lamentations 3:22-23 NLT

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Lord is good at all times. He cares for those who love Him, everyday. Today is a new day and everyday given after that will be a new day too. Why? Because of the Lord's faithfulness to those whom He loves and whom love Him! That is a covenant to start and end each day with remembering, and then declaring!

Our life does not always directly reflect the Father's faithfullness if you see only in the physical and only in the "now". Take the words and life of Thomas Obadiah Chisholm. He was a Methodist minister, who due to failing health, had to resign after just 1 year of service! He never let his health and circumstances hinder his calling to ministry. He wrote and he wrote well. He was published very little and hardly ever received compensation for his poetry. His, seemingly meager income, came from his job selling life insurance. Still, he never failed to testify to the greatness and faithfulness of God in his life. These are the well-loved and remembered words from this man:

"Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father,There is no shadow of turning with Thee;Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not;As Thou hast been Thou forever wilt be.Great is Thy Faithfulness!Great is Thy Faithfulness!Morning by morning new mercies I see;All I have needed Thy hand hath provided—Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!"

~ Thomas Obadiah Chisholm
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What trials have befallen your life?
What circumstance of your life causes you to greive?
Take heart, Oh beliver, for your Lord renews you daily and His promises with you!
Do not worry, do not complain and do not stumble . . . for after the darkness of night comes the newness of another day. Another day that is full of the Lord's faithfulness, grace and mercies to you. . . those to whom He loves and whom love Him!

Take comfort in your Creator!

Be blessed.

Mark & Heather Mac

Kitchen Ho-Down: Down Home Chick-n-Biscuits

Holy Lonestar Kitchen Ho-Down!
Down Home Chicken 'n' Biscuits
TIME: Prep: 20 min.
Bake: 20 min.

2 cups chopped fresh broccoli
1-1/2 cups sliced fresh carrots
1 cup chopped onion
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 cups cubed cooked chicken
1 can cream of chicken or mushroom with 1/2 required milk
1 cup biscuit/baking mix (I make my own Whole Wheat Bisucuit Mix)
1/3 cup milk
1/4 teaspoon dill weed

In a large skillet, saute the broccoli, carrots and onion in oil until crisp-tender. Stir in chicken and cream of chicken sauce; heat through. Transfer to a lightly greased 8-in. square baking dish.In a small bowl, combine the baking mix, milk and dill just until moistened. Drop by rounded tablespoonfuls onto chicken mixture. Bake, uncovered, at 400° for 18-22 minutes or until bubbly and biscuits are golden brown.
Yield: 4 servings.
*This is also another one of my favorite meals to go camping with - - - easy to make in the dutch oven*
We hope you enjoy serving this up to your family.
Happy Homeschooling and Homesteading!

Heather Mac

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