Cheese Glourious Cheese!!!

Click on the link HERE to get directions on how to recieve you Full Rebate for Alouette Wedge Cheese.  Yummy.  Baby Brie is one of my favorites!

Thanks to Frugal Coupon Living for sharing this deal!

Have a blessed week to all!
Heather Mac


Menu Plan Monday From: OrgJunkie.com

And we are stocked up and ready to roll this week with an updated menu!
We are starting to change a few eating habits in an attempt to keep eveyone healthy.

1.  I am adding hot tea (herbal) to each evening time meal
2. I am adding a snack to the menu to help the kids get through the homeschool day.  They eat snacks now, but it is more "off-the-cuff" and not as organized as the rest of our menu . . . so that's that.
3.  We are feeding ourselves plenty of fruit, but we will be consuming it differently.  Eating it on an empty stomach & waiting 20 minutes before eating the rest of the meal.

The other perk about this week's menu is that I only spent $108 for the last 2 weeks worth of groceries.  I love that feeling of empowerment when I know that I am feeding my family in a healthy way and being a good steward of our blessings from the Lord!

Be sure to check out more great menu plans and recipes at Organizining Junkie.  Stop by and post your menu plan link today!

B = Breakfast, S = Snack, L = Lunch, D = Dinner

Tuesday -
B: Cereal w/milk & Banana
S: Apple w/ Iced Water
L: Snack Plate (Turkey, Cheese, French Bread)
D: Spaghetti w/Meatballs Marinara, Salad, Hot Tea (Lemon Ginger)

Wednesday -
B: Sausage Quesadillas
S: Granola w/ Iced Water
L: Peanut Butter, Crackers, Cheese & Grapes
D: Talapia, Rice Pilaf, Brussel Sprouts & Hot Chamomille Tea

Thursday -
B: Cereal w/ Milk, Banana and Juice
S: Apple w/ Iced Water
L: Popcorn, Cheese, Fruit Salad
D: Chili w/ Beans, Cornbread, Hot Lemon Zinger Tea

Friday -
B: Oatmeal Pancakes/ Banana & Juice
S: Granola w/ Iced Water
L: Biscuit Pizzas w/ Apples
D: Hamburgers, Salad & Home Fries, Hot Ginger Tea

Saturday -
B: 2 Egg Omlets w/ veggies Hot Tea
S: Banana w/ Iced Water
L: Chicken Soup w/ Wild Rice
D: Turkey w/ Stuffing, Squash, Salad & Hot Mint Tea

Sunday -
B: Daddy cooks breakfast
L: Meatloaf, Potatoes, Green Beans
D: Leftovers
Have a blessed and prosperous week!
Heather Mac

Manic Mommy Monday: Live Not In Fear


The mainstream media seems to almost thrive by driving fear into the heart's of Americans.  The enemy must love that!  Why do we play so easily into the hands of the liberal biased media and there play on our concerns, turning them into outright panic?

The Lord is my refuge, of whom shall I fear? Or better yet . . . what shall I fear?
For those who are called by the name of the Lord (P.S. That's you and me), your mighty God is your dwelling place. Who or what can touch you when He is in control?

Your Lord is your Deliverer and your Strength. He is Love. He provides peace, mercy and all of your needs! That is ALWAYS enough.

Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Economic down turn, Marital Crisis, Family Woes, Panic!
It is all just noise compared to the comfort we find in Yahweh - - - Brother & Sisters, trust in the One to whom you belong!

He will deliver you from, by or through the trials that lay before you. He always delivers. Trust in Him that controls all!

Psalm 91:5-7,9-10
"You will not fear the terror of night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,
nor the plaque that destoys at midday.
A thousand may fall at your side,
ten thousand at your right hand,
but it will not come near you. . .
If you make the Most High your dwelling -
even the Lord, who is my refuge -
then no harm will befall you,
no disaster will come near your tent."

In His Service,
Heather Mac


The Return of The Frugal Lady: Sunday Coupon Preview


O.K. ladies - ready to feel empowered, successful and joyful about your next grocery shopping excursion?  What you don't feel that way everytime you shop for the family's groceries?
Well, stop paying to much for that over priced bag of potato chips and let's be big girls!

We are bringing back the Frugal Lady and her helpful "penny-pinching" ways!

Start by taking a look at this upcoming Sunday's coupons.  The newspaper should include two set of coupon insert's this week.  There are a lot of good deals for baking items and Christmas gifts.  Save those coupons and be on the look out for the Return of The Fugral Lady . . . Hey, sequels pay better, right?

Happy Clipping and Saving.
The Frugal Lady


FALL CRAFTS: Colorful Tissue Leaves

These are beautiful colored leaves for decorating.  It is has simple materials used in creating these wonderful leaves.  The leaves are all unique and different, that makes them fun!

Heavy weight paper or cardstock
Leaf Pattern (see below)
Tacky glue
Tissue Paper: red, yellow, orange and green

1.  Click on printables and print out Leaf patterns.
2.  Cut out the outline before you glue the tissue paper.
3.  Cut tissue paper into 2"squares.
4.  Crumple each piece into a tight ball. Dip into white glue and place onto pattern. Start with the small sections first to make sure they keep their definition.
5.  Continue crumpling and gluing down pieces until the entire pattern is filled.

You can use these leaves to make a fall mobile.  Use a hole punch to make a hole in the bottom of the leaf and hang upside down with string and attach to a hanger.

Have a super crafty day!!!
Heather Mac


FALL CRAFTS: Leaf Bookmarks

This project is reprinted courtesy of CraftyNoodle.com

This is a fun fall craft idea. It is super quick and easy to do, even for PreK students.  You can use this fun craft to make bookmarks, Put in a clay pot to make a cute center piece, Stick it in your shirt pocket for a fall decoration or Use to mark place settings by writing names on the bottom of stick.  Have fun with these fall cuties!


Wooden ice cream spoon (alternatively a popsicle stick would do)
Silk fall leaves or Collect real leaves
White craft glue
Crayons or paints


1.  Color or paint the wooden spoon ( or popsicle stick)

2.  Glue leaf to the stick (if you use real leaves coat them with glue and let them dry before gluing to the stick) Add eyes to leaf by applying to small dots of glue.  Allow to dry completely.

Have a crafty fun day!
Heather Mac