The Mac Attach: A Keepers Prayer

The Keepers Prayer:
I pray, Oh Lord, let my entire day be for Your glory alone. Let me have Your strength to fight my flesh and to keep my priorities straight. Please help me to remember that caring for and helping my husband and our precious children is more important than getting everything done that is on my to-do list. Please help me to do only what is necessary today and to be a kind and patient wife and mother.
Give me the grace, mercy and strength to overcome my weaknesses. Keep me from a prideful or haughty spirit. Keep in me, Oh God, a humbled spirit! Please help me to be more concerned about the condition of my heart than the condition of my home or life! Teach me and let me always surrender in obedience to Your disciplines and chastisements. Let them be as beautiful to me as Your commands, precepts and promises.
In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
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Heather Mac
*The Mac Attach is my weekly feature writing on the "plan of action" the Lord has given to me.  I gladly share it with you in the hope of edifying and encouraging you in your own daily walk with God.*
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