Manic Mommy Monday: A Prayer for Silence . . . Let it begin with me!

As the beginning of the year has come to each one of us, we stop and reflect on those resolutions that need to be made.  We think about the reorganizing that needs to be done.  We dedicate ourselves to a new way of thinking and a commitment to break all old, distasteful habits.  I set forth on the same adventure here in my own home . . . but where to start?

I will begin my journey in 2010 to the tune of this very simple, very profound, very NECESSARY prayer.

I saw this quote on a T-shirt sometime ago and thought it the perfect gift . . . For myself!

"Dear Lord,
Keep your arm around my shoulder . . .
and your hand OVER MY MOUTH!"

Holy Yahweh, You are almighty and may You alone reign in my heart, in my mind and may only Your blessed words issue from my ever moving mouth.  Lord, thank you for Your mercy and patience with an ever babbling child that I can tend to be.  Grant me Your grace in learning to be still and silent.  Thank you for all You have done to quiet my spirit and mind. 

In Jesus' name - Amen. Amen.
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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart - love that prayer. I can surely identify!!!!!!!

    It's so awesome to hear that you started your day with the Lord this morning - I pray this series is a blessing to you! [It already is for me, that's for sure!]


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