Menu Plan Monday: Making Breakfast FIRST!

And we are stocked up and ready to roll this week with an updated menu!
We are keeping with some new eating styles that I started with the family last year and trying a new approach this year.

We are changing the main approach to eating for health reasons.  I believe that the breakfast meal should be the largest and most important meal.  We have a tendancey as a busy family to eat it and run.  I am getting up a full hour early this month to try our new Breakfast Experiment.  Eat breakfast like "royalty", Eat lunch like a "prince" and dinner like a "pauper".  We will now be making breakfast the principle meal of the day.  I believe this will help with energy levels and digestive issues.  Will give it a go and let you know.

Be sure to check out more great menu plans and recipes at Organizining Junkie.  Stop by and post your menu plan link today!

B = Breakfast, S = Snack, L = Lunch, D = Dinner

Monday -
B: Eggs & Ham Benedict on Whole Wheat english muffin, sliced oranges, fruit tea & milk
S: Apple w/ Iced Water
L: Leftovers
D: Turkey Soup w/ Rice, Hot Tea (Lemon Ginger)

Tuesday -
B: Turkey Sausage, Poached eggs on whole wheat toat, bananna w/ tea & milk
S: Granola w/ Iced Water
L: BBQ Chicken, Noodles & Green beans w/ fruit tea
D: Beans w/ Cornbread Hot Chamomille Tea

Wednesday -
B: Turkey Bacon, Birds-N-Nest, sliced apples w/ tea & milk
S: Apple w/ Iced Water
L: Hamburger steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli w/ fruit tea
D: Leftovers, Hot Lemon Zinger Tea

Thursday -
B: Beef kelbasa, scrambled eggs, toast, Juice w/ hot tea
S: Granola w/ Iced Water
L: Yogurt, popcorn, cheese chunks, baby carrots, Hot Raspberry tea
D: Chicken-N-Noodles, Hot Ginger Tea

Friday -
B: Oatmeal Pancakes, Turkey Bacon, Apples, Hot Tea & milk
S: Banana w/ Iced Water
L: Grilled burger, baked home fries, carrots & milk
D: Soup and salad (choose lftover: Turkey soup or Chick-N-Noodle) Hot Mint Tea

Saturday -
B: Boiled eggs, toast, banana, raw broccoli, milk & hot tea
L: Baked fish, Cole slaw, fruit salad
D: Sabath dinner: Communion - - - Veggie Sanwiches

B: Ham & Veg. Omlet, milk & juice w/ hot tea
S: Apple w/ Iced Water
L: Lunch at church
D: Brisket Buffet at Riti's for play off game watch, Hot Tea (Lemon Ginger)  GO COWBOYS!!!

Have a blessed and prosperous week!

Heather Mac

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