THRIFTY THURSDAY with The Frugal Lady: Groceries & More!

The Frugal Lady: A Keeper At Home

Greetings Frugal gals and pals!

The Frugal Lady is back with a bang and starting the new year off with more savings for my readers.  This year, more than ever, it is time to learn good stewardship.  I do not profess to be flawless in this area, but I do have the resources and a passion to bless others with my talents and knowledge in saving for your family and God's blessings.

I have had several friends and family members request to know some of my secrets to savings, especially in the area of grocery shopping, over the years.  This year I committ to blog about and give you all of my resources, tips and secrets . . . that is, if you committ to follow.  A frugal mom is made only out of passion to help her family.  You don't have to be an organizing junkie, a math wiz or an all around super-mom to make this work.  Just a lot of prayer, a little guidance and some planning!  Tah-dah, you will be a Frugal Lady too!
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Start following some coupon blogs for your area - - - they know what they are doing!  You can use their suggestions for shopping and also find plenty of printable coupons.  Follow the links below and start today.

Couponing 101  - - - This is a great resource!  Check out these latest post and get your grocery planning done in a jiffy!

KROGER: Here are Kroger buys for North Texas for this week

COUPONS: Here is a preview of this weeks coupons in the Sunday paper

WALMART: Here are your WalMart deals - but hurry they change on Saturday!

My mailbox is always full of savings, coupons, samples and freebies.  You never know what my be waiting for you.

FREE 12 Month Subcription to Savuer Magazine

How to save when eating out from ALotOfSavings.com

Sara @ Fiddle-de-dee! Has an awesome post of coupon organization.  Remember you don't have to be a perfect organizer, just willing to give some time to planning ahead, and you'll be set.

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Be blessed and share what the Lord has imparted to you!  Have a very frugal week and join in next week.

The Frugal Lady

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