Valentine's Countdown: Week #1 Mommy & Me Crafts

Counting down to Valentine's Day with Mommy and Me Crafts

Here are some super fun crafts to do preparing for Valentine's Day.  The day we celebrate love and our love one for another.  I chose some crafts from around the blogosphere that would be fun, economical and adorable.  Make sure to post comments and let us know how your projects turned out!

Give you plain envelope a make-over.  Make this Fancy Valentine Envelope to hold all your special valentine's messages.

Decorate your house or party with these simple but adorable Heart Garlands

Crochet is my favorite.  You know I'll be done creating this adorable Crochet Heart Garland in no time flat
. . . race you Victoria! lol. *grin at my inside joke*

Try these adorable Heart Photo Garlands.  It would be a perfect gift for grandpa & grandma!

This super cute, super easy Valentine Wreath will brighten any entrance!

Enjoy your crafting and have a blessed week!

Heather Mac
Senior Crafter


  1. I love love love those heart garlands! Thank you for making this list of Valentine's crafts. This gives my family something to do to decorate our home!

  2. Hope you all enjoy the family time! Have a blessed week. Oh . . . and happy Valentine's Day! *smile*


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