Bible Study: God Who Are You? Session 2 Monday's Discussion

God . . . who are You & what can You do for me?
Getting to know the Almighty God

Greetings sisters in Christ!

We are continuing this week with our 10 week Bible Study series from Jenifer at By His Grace Ministry called God . . . who are You and what can You do for me?  Our second session begins today via a blog discussion post from Titus 2 At The Well.  You can begin anytime, so please join in on this study.  

This study is designed to join sisters in Christ, where ever they are, to learn more about God and to grow in our relationship with Him.  I have just completed the first week and have been blessed by how the Lord is communicating to me and how He is moving in my life.  Please join us today.  Here is how you can join in:

1.  Visit Titus 2 HERE join this week's Bible study.
2.  Download your FREE study guide from Jennifer.  You will find the current week's study guide, just below her video posts on Monday.
3.  Complete your daily study session (in your study guide) and then come back to this blog and we will continue or daily discussions by posting comments on this blog.
4.  I will be posting each day, reflecting on the discussion question and the study session from each day.  Please join me as we grow with Him.
5.  Return to Titus 2 each Monday to be led in the studying of God's Holy Word with Jenifer at By His Grace Ministry.

Today's discussion question: (you can answer 1 or both, that's up to you)

1. What does it mean to you to know that you are precious in God's sight?
2. Can you think of a time in your life when you've experienced, firsthand, the LORD's faithfulness? Share your thoughts.

As a wife, mother, daughter and friend, I don't believe that there is a day that goes by that God's faithfulness is not evident in my life!  His faithfulness is essential to just be able to get me through my days, most of the time.  As a women, I believe at one time or another, we have all battled with feelings of unworthiness and self-doubt.  These were major issues for me in the past, that were battled daily in the forms of depression, worry and anxiety.  Oh, to be able to give the Lord back all those wasted times, moments and years!  I can't turn back time, so that is where His grace and loving faithfulness met me!

The moment that I realized that God loves me enough to send His only Son for me, even if I were the only one who needed saving, was one of the most precious times in my life.  I could no longer feel unworthy, for He made me worthy through Christ.  I could no longer worry or feel anxious, for He has given me a spirit of courage, love and of a sound mind.   His love and protection is surrounding me constantly.  I can always go forward knowing that His hedge of protection is about me and my family, and that whatever life may bring my way, there is nothing that He does not understand nor anything that He hasn't Himself endured for my sake!  Wow, that is awesome!  Thank you Jesus!

Have a blessed and beautiful week in the Lord's service.  Hope to see you "At the Well".


  1. Loved reading your thoughts on God and his faithfulness evident in you and your family's lives. This is such a great study and look forward to hearing more from you!
    Love Collette xxx

  2. So beautifully put! Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week seeking to know Him more.

  3. So great is the thought, "I could no longer feel unworthy, for He made me worthy through Christ." We are made complete in and through Christ!!!q

    Thanks for sharing this today and joining in the discussion!


  4. Blessings Heather, Boy, you really start the week off busy...much going on with the Mac Rak, eh?

    So glad that you took time to share what faithfulness means to you as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, cook, teacher, etc...

    How very wonderful that you testify as to how KNOWING God gave you worth, changed your battle of self doubt, unworthiness, depression, anxiety, and worry TO a grace filled life; free from worry & anxiety with a spirit of courage, love & a sound mind. (2Tim.1:7). This verse became a life changing one for me...I love how you brought it alive with your example & thoughts! Beautiful words.

    Loving this study together and it's great to meet new women at the well
    actually out here in blog land. Thanks for your visit and encouragement! Great job sharing!
    EnJOY a blessed week!

  5. Doesn't His faithfulness shine forth in our being wives and mothers!?!?! He is faithful to grant me patience when I'm lacking patience with my children, He is faithful to fill my heart with love for my spouse during those times that I may not be feeling much love for him. God is faithful through it all!!

    I, too, have battled with depression; for many years in fact. Rick Warren makes a statement in Purpose Drive Life that I've tucked away in my mind since the first day I read it. This is what he says, "Our greatest hurts can become our greatest ministry." This is SO true. I look back on those years of depression and worry and now rejoice in them, knowing that Yahweh, my faithful God, has taken those years and used them for His glory.

    God is so good and faithful to minister to His children and do AMAZING things in our lives.

    Praying for you this week as you seek to know Yahweh more through His Word. If you have questions or comments you'd like to share, be sure to email them to me by Friday, Feb. 19th at jenifer@byhisgraceministry.com

    By His Grace,

  6. Thank you for sharing your heart, Heather. I love the thought, "I could no longer feel unworthy, for He made me worthy through Christ."

    Great thoughts!


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