Bible Study: God . . . who are You & what can You do for me?

God . . . who are You & what can You do for me?
Getting to know the Almighty God

Greetings sisters in Christ!

I am blessed this morning to be participating in a new 10 week Bible Study series from Jennifer at By His Grace Ministry called God . . . who are You and what can You do for me?  Our 1st session begins today via a blog discussion post from Titus 2 At The Well.  You can begin anytime, but I would love if you would hop on over and get started with us today!  

1.  Visit Titus 2 HERE
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3.  Pray, watch and learn as Jennifer leads you in a video log discussion on our Bible Study topic and discussion.  The video discussions will begin again every Monday morning.

Today's Discussion Topic:
Who is God to you?

I always feel so small when asked these kind of questions.  It seems that when I truly reflect on God in this light, I quickly see that I can only inadequately describe how wonderful God is to me and in my life!  That being said, I will give it a go . . . 

God is Love.  He is my perfect beautiful Father.  God is my Deliverer.  God is good all of the time.  God loves me more than I can ever understand.  He is in control of my life and is changing me everyday, in order to bring Him glory!  Through Christ Jesus my savior, I have been redeemed and restored to God my Father.  When God looks at me, He sees His perfect precious Son, Jesus!  I am thankful for the One who loves me and has saved me! 

Head on over now and join in the study and discussion today.
GOD Who are you?

* If you are a reader or a Sister at Calvary - please leave me a comment below letting me know you are joining this Bible study.  I want to join you in prayer and pray for you specifically that God would grow us all into a closer relationship with Him. *

Be blessed in you walk with the Lord today!
Thank you Jesus!

Heather Mac


  1. Such great thoughts on our Mighty God!!!

    Thanks for joining us today!


  2. Hi, I came to your site via the At the Well bible study! I will be praying for you and this study! You have some wonderful thoughts, thank you for sharing!

  3. Heather, isn't redemption and restoration through Christ Jesus such a beautiful thing!!! I am so thankful that when God looks at me He sees His precious Son.

    I am thrilled that you will be joining us over the next several weeks as we come to know God in more real and intimate ways. I can't wait to see what He does in and through each of our lives.

    If you have questions or comments about week 1 email them to my by Friday, Feb. 12th at jenifer@byhisgraceministry.com.

    Again, welcome and may God truly bless your time with Him!!!

    By His Grace,

  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies. I pray the Lord will bless our fellowship time together and bring us nearer to Him.

    Have a blessed day.

  5. Looking forwatd to getting to know you as we grow in Christ over the next few weeks!

  6. Heather, missed over At the Well yesterday for week 2 of the "God...who are You & what can You do for me?" study. I do hope everything is ok and praying you are able to join us.

    By His Grace,


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