Keepers at Home: How's the laundry holding up?

How's The Laundry Holding Up?

This entire line of questioning could have already put you on the defensive . . . I know, it has put me on the defensive many times.  Just ask my dear, long-suffering husband!  Just the thought of laundry piling up in the hallway or waiting in baskets sends most normal housewives into a fit of depression or panic.  I do not even have to physically see the mess left in the wake of dirty laundry to begin a fit of anxiety, internally and externally.  I can just "know" it is there waiting for me to tackle it, and it has already ruined my day!  Strike that . . . I have already ALLOWED it to ruin my day!

From this point ladies, you can probably guess how it turns out.  A steady but rapid decline in positive attitude, perseverance and kindnesses.  All those wonderful Proverbs 31 attributes that I long to reflect in my daily life are thrown right out the window.  Right out the window and into the front yard (you know, where I'd like to throw the dirty laundry)!  Who profits from this fit?  How is anything made better by this line of questioning about my stupid laundry?  How am I supposed to thrive as a keeper at home, dutiful wife, loving friend and keep my children homeschooled properly?  Why am I seeking to accomplish all these actions by my own strength?

Ah-ha!  There is the jewel!  Not by my strength, but by His strength.  Not my will be accomplished today, but His will for me.  Not that I might receive the glory for a job well done, but that at the end of the day that I may lay it all at Jesus' feet to glorify Him!  God's grace is sufficient for us all.  We must first lay down our need to be in control of every detail in our homes and lives.  We must be willing to let His mercies renew themselves to us each and every morning.  

God is always there, waiting to renew, restore and give you enough grace for the entire day.  He gives enough for you to endure and accomplish in that day, and that day alone.  He does not give enough grace and strength for the next day or the day after, just today!  Let us then, accept His merciful grace for today and say:

"Yahweh, I embrace Your grace for me today.  I will follow the path You chose for me, with gladness in my heart.  You are piling bundles of grace for me to experience between my piles of laundry.  I  trust you Jesus to put more of You in me and take out what is left.  Let me accomplish, with a joyful attitude, what is necessary to give You glory, honor and praise!  Let my spirit be clean and unstained, and smelling sweet as the laundry coming off the clothesline.  In Jesus' name ~ Amen!"

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  1. I feel like maybe you've peeked at my pile...which I'll be tackling tomorrow.

    I'll do my best to remember that there are so many without clothes and that serving my family is a blessing in itself.

  2. Oh, it's confession time now huh? O.K., the picture from the post? . . IT'S MY LAUNDRY PILE!!! In my defense it is actually CLEAN! lol! I will pray for you as you tackle your pile lady.

    Have a blessed weekend.
    Heather Mac


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