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Mac Homeschool
There's a slim chance that it will go exactly as planned . . . but, then again, maybe not.  It's O.K., I'm over it!!!

Happy Monday to all you homeschoolers and loyal readers.

This is the first of a new installment at The Mac Rak blog.  We will give you a quick peek at our homeschool plans for the week.  Why?  We want our family & friends to gain a better understanding of what our homeschool is all "about".  We also hope to bless our readers and fellow homeschool families encouraging them to never give up and keep enduring.  Your homeschool will NEVER be Harvard . . . but it doesn't need to be.  It needs to me an inspiring & safe place to learn and grow.  (*a wise friend said to me once*) Remember, no one will ever be a better advocate for your child that YOU! 

Here is a quick look at our lesson plans this week.
The Scout reads the Bible aloud to his sister.  The Bible in a Year.
The Bug is learning to do proper Bible memory for Keepers at Home Bible memory badge
The Scout is reading Pilgrim's Progress in One Syllable

The Scout is reading The Kingdom Series, Treasure Island & Daniel Boone
The Bug is reading Charlotte's Web & Little House in the Big Woods

We do Geography using My Father's World Exploring Countries & Cultures together on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.  

We are studying Colonial History together using library books & American History Stories, Volume I.

CMIT, Year 1 for the Bug
CMIT, Year 6 for the Scout
The Scout is also using Saxon Math 4/5 & Lightening Speed Math

English Language/Grammar:
McGuffey's Speller
McGuffey's Eclectic Reader
Copy work from Proverbs

Answers from Genesis booklets
Apologia: Exploring Creation Through Astronomy
AIMS, Science activities and experiments

Civics/Social Studies:
Community Civics & Rural Life
George Washington's Rules of Civility
Cub Scout Handbook: Webelos II
Keepers at Home Handbook: Little Stepping Stones

Fine Arts:
Piano instruction: private lessons
Composer a month
Artist a month
Crafts & Painting

The Bug is using Hooked on Phonics to complete her reading skills.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

There's the Week-At-A-Chance.

Any questions?  Please leave comments below if you would like more information on the curriculum that we use.  I would be happy to help!

Heather Mac

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