Pinching Pennies: Bye-Bye Debit Card & Giveaway!

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Say "Bye-Bye" to Your Debit Card

The bank takes much more than you realize when you use your ATM and Debit Card on a frequent basis.  They mask and disguise it with "convenience" but ultimately you will always pay the $$$.  Here are some quick and simple steps to save some $$$ by taking it back from the bank.

  • Use only your own bank's ATM machines when you wish to withdraw money and get cash and you will avoid some fees that really add up.  Most banks (including your own bank) will charge you $2 per transaction.  If you get cash up to three times per week, you will save $6. (+ $24 in your pocket)
  • Stay above the minimum balance required in your checking account to avoid monthly charges.  If your balance has grown, make sure your fees reflect that.  Banks often waive or lower a fat checking account's maintenance charge. (+ $10 in your pocket)
  • Open a savings account with no ATM card access. When you get your paycheck, sock away $15 a week. (+ $60 in your pocket)
  • Paying bills via on-line banking can save you up to $3.75 for checks and $4.95 for postage. (+ $8.70 in your pocket)
YOU'LL SAVE: $102.70

These few things can help empower you to be the frugal homemaker that you never knew you could be!

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Here it is as promised the Penny Pinchers Giveaway!
The Frugal Lady Bag Includes:
Full Size Products
& More!
Just a lot that a frugal girl would want!

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Happy frugal living!

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