Pinching Pennies: Save $500 FAST! Checklist

Greetings my little penny pinching students & professionals alike!

This week the Frugal Lady is reviewing all those wonderful ways that we can be good stewards of our blessings from the Lord by pinching those pennies.  The Frugal Lady means pinching seriously, I mean until it hurts, just a little . . . *uh*.  We will feature a daily post on how to save you and your family some money & how to be frugal everyday.  Don't forget to tune in everyday . . . I also see a giveaway in our near future, so come back tomorrow!
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SAVE $500 Fast! Checklist
From: The Frugal Lady

Here is a list of some quick recommendations for putting some frugal back into your lifestyle!  You could save up to $500 in your budget this month.  Just do it!
Just Give it Up!

  • Kick the soda habit ladies!  It's bad for you & bad for your budget!  A daily habit can really put a dent in the dollars.  Give up the coke and hit the water! + SAVE $60
  • Take your coffee to-go! The National Coffee Association says the average person drinks up to 3 cups of coffee per day.  Ouch!  That's a lot of Starbucks folks.  Just say no to the coffee cafe & take the coffee with you, or drink it at work. + SAVE $90
  • Skip the Snacks.  The junk snacks can add up to about $5 a week out of your budget (not to mention how many extra pounds).  Skip the calories and save the cash! + SAVE $20
  • Eat at home!   The average American household spends over $1800 per year in restaurants according to the National Restaurant Association. + SAVE $152
  • Cancel your Cellphone + SAVE $45  Drop phone options like voice mail + SAVE $5, Call waiting + SAVE $5, and Caller ID. + SAVE $10
  • Movie night - not worth it!  When your munching on popcorn with the family seated in the movie theater you have spent up to $35!  Do it each and every week?  You've spent $140 just entertaining for the weekend (just 2 hours of the weekend).  Stay home and rent from Redbox $2  + SAVE $132
A penny saved is a penny earned!  Coming tomorrow . . . 

The Frugal Lady

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