Molly's Money Saving Digest: Ebook Review

Molly's Money Saving Digest: Evaluate, Prioritize, Organize

I have again, the privilege of reviewing for my readers a product from our friends at The Old Schoolhouse magazine & store.  As my readers know, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has been a staple in our home since we began homeschooling and continues to be a trusted resource at home and our local homeschool community.  In addition to their resourceful magazine, The Old Schoolhouse, also publishes many helpful Ebooks & resources that are built to help guide, lead and encourage homeschool parents and students.  You can visit The Old Schoolhouse store to see more of their great homeschooling resources.

Today, I will review the Molly's Money Saving Digest Ebook from January 2010 titled Evaluate, Prioritize, Organize.  Molly's Money Saving Digest is a monthly downloadable digest that helps the frugal lady, stay frugal.  This is a subject all of my readers know I hold near and dear to my heart!  You can purchase current and past issues, like the digest I am reviewing today, for just $4.95.  Molly's Digest is written for and targeted towards helping Homeschool moms that need help balancing their households.  A balance that, we all know, can be quite a juggling act.  Molly's Digests are helpful in developing and maintaining that balance.  The digests are different every month and feature subjects ranging from organizing, coupons and cooking to crafting with the kids and holiday planning!

Molly's Money Saving Digest Ebook January's issue is full of helpful topics to assist you in organizing and prioritizing during the upcoming Spring semester and beyond.  The digest contains practical tips on organizing and how to start organizing without driving yourself insane!  Molly gives some excellent ideas and resources for decorating your home frugally, all of which "The Frugal Lady" approves of.  The digest also includes a Kid's Corner with each issue.  The Scout and The Bug enjoyed the paper mache piggy bank and the unit study on using a savings and checking account, which included a checkbook ledger and blank checks for the kids to practice with.  I also enjoyed the "Something Old, Something New" article in January's digest that gave some great ideas for re-purposing old items around the house to make new useful items.

Molly's Money Saving Digest is a great frugal resource for any homeschool wife and mother.  I recommend that you stop by The Old Schoolhouse and pick one up today.  It's never to late to "Evaluate, Prioritize, Organize"!

Have a blessed homeschool journey.


Note from the reviewer: This review is my opinion of a product that was sent for me to review.  I was not compensated for my opinion in any way.

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