Mac Homeschool: Friday Freebies


Here are you handpicked homeschool Freebies for the week:

HomeschoolFreebie has an awesome Chemistry Book Download - FRIDAY ONLY! so go and grab it now!
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Nature Study - at the beach!  Some great ideas and resources for making your summer vacation fun and educational!

Green World Science FREE Ebooks

Pre-K Gardening Lesson plans.  Let your little ones catch the green thumb!

Poetry website for Kids

10 American Girls From History - FREE Ebook download

Place The State game: FREE online game

FREE from the History Channel: The Story of Us DVD

Enjoy your freebies and have a blessed weekend homeschoolers!
Get some rest!!!!


Check out this wonderful resources for leading your children through life's issues using God's Word as your guide.  This book has listed scriptures for many childhood issues to help parents create teachable moments.  I highly recommend this book!

Let the Boys be Boys!  Check out this fun and educational resources for boys.


  1. Hi, this is Nick from the DaySpring Affiliate Program. After looking over your blog, I think you might be a good fit for our program. You can learn all the details here or email me with any questions you may have.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the great resources. Another great map game is www.freepoverty.com - you place different cities and landmarks on a world map, and profits from ads go to charity.

    Another good free resource I know of is Starfall.com - which helped my son learn to read!

  3. Oh yes Gale, we love starfall.com!
    I'll check out freepoverty.com

    Another good one is freerice.com you take trivia on all subjects and they donate to the World Hunger Organization.


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