Our Scout turns 11 years old today, and as providence would have it, he is spending his first birthday away from his family!  He is also spending this birthday at Scout Camp.  This is the most appropriate place to be on your journey out of boyhood and on to being a young man.  We packed him up and shipped him out on Sunday . . . without too many tears.  No tears from him, of course, just mine *sniff*sniff*.

I am thankful to the Lord for a healthy, bright, creative and blessed young man.  He is funny, sensitive and extraordinarily kind.  He is attentive to the needs of others and is moved when others suffer . . . moved to action!  He can lean a bit toward the "nerdy" side, but look at mom!  Case closed!  The Scout is a wonderful brother, to both his older and younger sister, and is loyal to his family.  He loves the Lord and is growing in the Lord's will, daily.

I am most thankful, today, for the men in his life that have helped him to reach this amazing cross-roads.  The journey from baby to toddler was made mostly with his mother and grandmother walking along side of him.  (I was a single mother for a time in his toddler-hood * P.S. Never could have made it without his granny - Thanks Mom *)  It is safe to say, he needed some positive male role models in order to help him develop into the beginnings of the disciplined Christian young man he aspires to be today.  He has not always been compliant.  He has not always been brave.  Yet, these men have endured with my son and will continue to do so, until the day that they can shake his hand and call him a man.  It is with my whole heart that I pray that the Lord blesses each of these men with a special honor and blessing for all they have done, and continue to do, in disciplining this young man in the way he should go.  Thank you!

The "Guys"

Mr. Mac (the daily dad!)

Gipa (the great-grand dad!)

Coach Pa (the grand funny dad)

Mr. Mathews (our friend and his longtime, long-suffering Cub Master)
*see top picture in post, he is in the left hand corner, working, as always!

Brother B (the man with the candy & a passion for the Lord)

Mr. Hughes & Mr. Lustenhauer (the Scout Masters)

Uncle H.R. & Uncle Sean (my bubbas)

Uncle Gary (the great uncle)

Uncle Robert (the long distance, but involved great uncle)

The Scouts! (the many wonderful and devoted young men of the scouting program)

To the Lord be all the glory for the many blessings brought into my life, daily, through this young man.  I pray daily that the Lord will continue to be the fullest desire of his heart.  Thank you for joining me in this journey of remembering and thankfulness.

* Summer Fun series back tomorrow*

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