Summer Schoolin' is in Session!: A Summer Well-Spent

Greetings from our first week of summer school here at the Mac's!
It is a good 101 degrees here in North Texas, with no end in sight and perfect weather to be indoors and completely "vegging" out.  Seeing that summer "mush" brain is this mom's biggest pet peeve, you can bet that is not going to happen around these parts during the summer!

Why we summer school?
I am a firm believer that one never stops learning.  Why has it become a tradition that learning ceases during summer vacation?  Even many homeschool families have adopted the traditional summer schedule, and more power to them, it's just not in the cards for us.  I am not in sync with most public school practices, so why should summer be any different?

How do you keep them busy?

1.  We choose to stay schooling in the core curriculum areas that are important to us as a family.  Bible, Reading, Writing & Arithmetic.  The observance of these important subjects keeps our children (and their teacher) academically sharp.  The spirit & mind have had their daily check-up, so we are good to go.

2.  We do something to engage their bodies with physical activity.  Running, jumping, hop-scotch, red light/green light and so on are great when you are playing around the house.  We like to keep it frugal (as usual) so we stick to the park, walks, bikes, scooters and skating.  We also look at summer sports day camps as an option for our athletic-type children (of which I only have 1).  Our city usually sponsors camps for every sport and they are very reasonably priced (even over the school district camps . . . no comment)!

This year we have started a new tradition - The Summer Fun bucket! 
(Craft tutorial coming later this week!)
This has been fun already, and that's just day 1!
This is how it works.  I created a list of 150 fun, educational or practical summer activities.  The kids do their school work in the morning and we get our exercise.  Then we proceed to do a "class" setting subject like Science or History.  (All of this MUST be completed before lunch, no matter where we are in the schedule for the day)  Next, we do lunch.  (HINT: The funner the menu the better - recipes & ideas later, too)  Now we are ready for the Summer Fun bucket!  Each child gets to draw one paper slip out of the bucket and then we complete the activity printed on the slip, all together.  (i.e.  Build a fort in the backyard, put on a play, memorize a poem or scripture, play in the water hose, etc.)  What is great about these activities is that you can use most items you have around the house, so it is very frugal entertainment.  Always a plus for me!  If the kids have displayed good study skills, loving sibling behaviors and obedience, then we do another round of activities.  The possibilities are endless!
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Take a peek!
A Summer Well-Spent Journal
Day 1

We began the day as usual with Bible, Reading, written summaries and then Math.  Everyone new what was expected and could clearly see the pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow . . . this made it go speedily and joyfully.  Thank you Jesus!

We had grilled cheese for lunch and a quick run to the resale shop for books and shorts for the Scout (heading to Boy Scout Camp this weekend).

Now . . . The Summer Fun bucket!!!

Activity 1: Walk the dog, down the street and back.
This was a very big deal for the Bug, which is hardly ever allowed to do this unattended by an adult (she's only 6 years old after all).  Today, she drew the "walk the dog" activity slip and was pleased as punch! (Mommy sat poised at the end of the driveway, watching all. LOL!)

Activity 2:  Run in the wiggly water sprinkler
This was actually not one of our activity cards, but it was fun, so who cares?

Activity 3:  Play store.
The Scout even enjoyed this one (at almost 11 and being a boy, I wasn't sure).  They set up a store in his sisters' room and she went shopping.  He did a lot of manly packing and stocking and bagging her groceries.  They even had customers! (The 2 little girls across the street came over and shopped)

The day is done and no "mushy" brains in sight!  Momma is happy!!!
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Come on back a see how the summer is being spent at the Mac's.  Have a blessed summer to all!

* Join us this summer for more A Summer Well-Spent series ~ Lots of summer fun and support for all you moms out there!  Be on the look out for a couple of fun giveaways too! *


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