A Well-Spent Summer Journal: Portraits, Treasure, Poems & Hink Pinks

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Days 2 - 3

Started each day per usual, Bible reading & devotional, Reading, Writing & Math . . . done!  Lunch with the kiddos (Wednesday we lunched at the park with friends).  Now, off to the summer fun box! (Remember: How-To tutorial coming tomorrow!)

Activity #1:  Draw a self-portrait.  Tah - Dah

The Scout

The Bug (hey, she's really good at math! lol!)

Activity #2:  Make a treasure map & have a treasure hunt.
The Scout had a great time with this one!  No surprise there, he's 10, a Boy Scout & a "piratey" adventurer! Arrgh!  This activity kept them busy and thinking for quite a time.  They kept making more maps and finding new things to hide for one another.

This is the Scout's original map.  He painstakingly took the time to age the manila paper. (tea applied, wrinkled up & burned the edges)

The Bug was happy to search for as many treasures as her bubba was willing to hide.

The Scout made this cute little pop up card for his sissy to find at the end of the treasure hunt.

Activity #3:  The Scout was is going the summer fun box alone today (The Bug is down with a croupy cough and fever of 102, but doing better as of press time).  He is reciting a poem by Shel Silverstein to entertain the family with after dinnertime this evening.  He chose The Edge of The World from Where the Sidewalk Ends. This activity was great fun for mommy too!  I am still able to recite Sarah Cynthia Silvia Stout without too many hiccups . . . I learned to recite it in the 6th grader (that would be when I was the Scout's age, uugh)!

Activity #4:  The Scout sat at the edge of his sister's sick bed and played some Hink Pinks with her.  These are great brain teaser games.  A Hink what?  A Hink Pink: A game in which players guess a rhyming phrase, given definitions or synonyms of the words (en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hink_pink).  You can find a ton of them here at Super Teacher Worksheets with lots of Hink Pinks and other brain teasers.  The Hink Pinks made the Bug smile, even though she doesn't feel super swell, and they didn't even know they were learning Language skills!  Ain't I a stinker!

Here are some Hink Pinks for you to try!

1.  A fantastic detective

2.  A frozen vehicle

3. A plump feline

4.  An artificial dessert

5.  A clean road

Enjoy the summer fun folks!

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* Hink Pink answers: 1) A super snooper 2) An icicle tricycle 3) A fat cat 4) A fake cake 5) A neat street *


  1. These are wonderful activities! Bug's self-portrait is precious!

  2. Hope you can use to spread some joy around your home, too! Have a blessed weekend.


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