A Well-Spent Summer Journal: More Summer School Fun

Summer School Fun continued . . . 

Here is a glimpse of some of the summer schooling activities we have been enjoying.

The Squeaker and Scout working on portraits of their dog . . . Duchess Gertrude Esther the 1st . . . don't ask.  They gave the portraits to our retired neighbors who love our dog and spoil her totally rotten!

We have had lots of fun at our local library.  During the reading program this summer we have enjoyed circus clowns (O.K., no me so much . . . clowns freak me out), snakes and the Incredible Bubble Lady (shown above).

Librarian in a bubble!
Our Juvenile Librarian (her title, not her attitude . . . well sometimes) in the giant bubble.
We love you Courtney!

We pray you are all enjoying a safe and blessed summer schooling season.

Joyful & blessed homeschooling to you!

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