A Well-Spent Summer Journal: Super Kid Craft Box

Super Kid Craft Box
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The kids have been enjoying summer school and have continued with little complaint.  We have stayed consistently busy and learning the entire summer.  My loyally readers know how I feel about "mushy-brained" children . . . I just cannot do it!  Here is a fun activity that the girls and I thought up during a brain storming session last night.

Problem:  Finding rewards for good behavior or acts of kindness on a tight  (O.K., I'll admit it) . . . cheap budget.
Solution:  The Super Kid Box: A box of craft items that can only be used when exhibiting godly behaviors.  The child who has earned the Super Kid box, gets to create with the crafts items in the box, making whatever their imaginations come up with.  We took out all of the craft boxes and found the odds-n-ends items to make a box of fun goodies.  We mostly found scrap pieces and old crafting items to use.  I think this box would also make a great and inexpensive birthday gift for a child.

Watch this tutorial:

Items you can use to put in your box:
Craft sticks
Old crayons
Cotton balls
Old greeting cards
Tissue paper
Paper plates
Silk flowers
Old wrapping paper
Fabric scraps
Old toys
Extra puzzle pieces
 . . . the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

The Super Kid Craft Box

Happy Homeschooling!

Don't forget, the summer isn't over yet!
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  1. Super cute idea! We'll definitely have to make a rainy day box for ourselves.


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