Enriching Everyday: The Library Edition

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Enriching Everyday
The Library Edition

Books and home education go hand in hand.  We cannot gain knowledge without them.  We cannot research and record without the vast amount of knowledge they provide.  Most homeschooling families already know how to utilize the many resources provided by their local libraries.  We LOVE our local library (Give a Big shout-out: Howdy Mrs. Courtney!)

That is our librarian a couple of summers ago, trapped in a bubble.  

What do you do though when the books have "taken over", particularly in a child's room?  Answer: You use it to help her Enrich Everyday in her own home education.  Case in point, the Bug's over-jubilant reading has multiplied her own home library to the point of almost ridiculous . . . I'm just praising God her books aren't gremlins!  She consumes books quickly and reads them over and over.  She has grandparents (okay, and a mother) that enjoy feeding her joy for books.  The result?

We came up with a solution to the ever mounting book overload issue in our daughter's room.  She was not feeling well and was down with a bit of a fever last week.  I snuggled her up in my bed so she would have plenty of stacking room and elbow space, and then set her to work creating her own Library cataloging system.  

 1.  I made her labels (Avery Mailing Labels cut in half) and placed a plentiful supply on a clipboard, giving her my nice felt-tip pen.

2.  We discussed what system would work well for her books.  We covered the Dewey Decimal system and the Library of Congress.  We felt the Dewey Decimal system was good, but for a smaller collection of books like the Bug has, we decided to modify it and make if more practical to meet her needs.

3.  We developed her labeling system and set to work.  I demonstrated the first few books for her and then let her try.  After labeling two books she had no problems and set to work on her own.

4.  She classified her books as Fiction or Nonfiction.  Then she coded and categorized the books alphabetized by author's last name for fiction and alpha by subject for her nonfiction selections.

I caught her several times in this particular position.  No surprises there.  I wonder how often we could "catch" our own local librarians doing the very same?  (hmmm. . . Mrs. Courtney?)

 Here was the end result of about an hour and half's work.  Nice, neat and straight.  She is now been enriched for the day and has a great sense of accomplishment!  This certainly helped us in appreciating our local librarians a bit more.

Now, just about 100 more books to label and we should be good to go!

Here are some great Library resources to use in Enriching Everyday!

* Library Thing - Great FREE online database for your own private library.  (The Bug will be cataloging here home library using this system next month.  We will post letting you know how it went.)
* Print your own Library Cards & Pockets

Have any good Library Resources online that you and your family use?  Please leave comments and share with the rest of the class.

Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Mac says, "Welcome!"
Heather Mac

(a.k.a. Joyful Socks Mom) 

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