Ladies of Calvary: Reverence in Word, FINAL post

Ladies of Calvary: Marriage Challenge
Reverence in Word, FINAL Post

Well, we have arrived at the last portion of our "Reverence in Word" part of this study, and are about to take on one of the most difficult concepts in becoming a surrendered and reverent help-meet.  Please take heart in reading this devotional and know that I am praying over you!  This is a tough pill to swallow for ALL WIVES and reaching out to obey God in these areas can be more than just a "challenge".  God requires a pleasing countenance from us, thankfulness, even during the hardest of circumstances.  He has put us in the position, as wives and mothers, to be the most surrendered, most "servant-minded", the meekest and most humble of all His children.  In other words, He has given us the opportunity to be the most CHRIST-like of anyone.  No one said looking like Jesus would be an easy or comfortable process, because it is quite the opposite.  Let Him bring out the chisel and work on you today too . . . Have your way with me oh LORD!

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"Do my words show reverence for my husband as God's appointed head over me, even when he has failed, sinned, or deeply wronged me?"

Scripture References: Please pray and read each of these scriptures, meditating on each word and savoring each revelation from the LORD!
Ephesians 4:31, Proverbs 25:11, Proverbs 16:23

Scripture Focus:
Proverbs 16:21
"The wise in heart shall be called prudent: and the sweetness of the lips increaseth learning."

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The long and short of this concept is exactly this . . . my obedience to GOD and HIS commands DO NOT hinge on whether or not my husband is doing the same. (Does that sound familiar?  It should!)  Whether my husband is a sinner or a saint, God requires the same obedience of me.

JOIN me in the "uncomfortable" process of being formed into "His own image".  Watch this video from the "Skit Guys" for a little sobering inspiration.

In Christ’s service,
Mrs. Mac says, "Welcome!"
Sister Mac

(a.k.a. Joyful Socks Mom)

• Quotations used that are italicized are from the book As Unto the Lord by Pam Forester unless otherwise sited in this post.

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