Rowing the Week: A New Coat For Anna

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A New Coat for Anna
by: Harriet Ziefert


Rowing the Week: Last Week's "Row"
(@ Co-op)

*Note: Five in a Row {FIAR} is made to be a five day curriculum - as we only attend Co-op 3 days per week, I will post what we have done in class and fun resources for that you may want to do at home. (Not REQUIRED homework - just some family fun options.)

Geography - Anna's story takes place in Germany.  We discussed where Europe is and where to find Germany.  We practiced locating them on our world map.

Social Studies - Anna's mother had to barter in order to get supplies to make Anna's coat because she did not have any money.  We discussed the bartering system and why it is important to people after a war.

Bible - We discussed the sacrifice that Anna's mother had to make in order for Anna to have a coat that fit.  We also discussed patience.  Anna had to wait for the seasons to pass before her coat would be ready.

Social Studies - We discussed the professions of the people that bartered with Anna's mother in order to provide her with a new coat.

Art - We made paper chains for our next art project.  Anna made paper chain necklaces for the sheep.

Science - We discussed the changing seasons, signs of the seasons and completed Notebooking page components to include in our Rowing Notebook.

History - We learned more about World War II and the various countries that fought in this war and weather they belonged to the Allied forces or the Axis forces.

Art - Students used paper chains to make an Anna mobile.  We made a paper Anna (not paper dolls, lest the boys become upset) and colored pictures of the various items Anna's mother bartered with to use on our mobiles.

Here are a couple of our Paper Anna Mobiles

*** Students completed Notebooking Pages at home and returned them to Co-op to place in their Homeschool Portfolios (which are looking VERY nice if I do say so myself . . . and I just said so).

Here is the notebooking pages we used from Homeschool Share

 Here is the Bug working hard on her cover page for A New Coat for Anna.
She "weaved" a paper cover (just like Anna's coat material was weaved for her) and glued on a picture.

Here is the end result in her Homeschool Portfolio.
Happy Homeschooling!
Mrs. Mac says, "Welcome!"
Mrs. Mac
2nd Grade SHAPE Academy
(a.k.a. Joyful Socks Mom)

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  1. Visiting from the FIAR Link Up as we are planning on rowing A New Coat for Anna this week. I love the paper chain/ mobile idea. Might have to make a "paper Anna" with my son, too : ) And LOVE the bulletin board idea!


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