Our Homeschool: Grade 3 for 2012 - 2013

Our Homeschool Curriculum - I have included links to the curriculum we use (some affiliate), other links are free downloads, PDF's and eBooks.
The Bug is entering Grade 3 & she is 8 years old
Daily - FIAR: Five-In-A-Row (Complete Volume 2, Volume 3) See our FIAR Schedule HERE
Novel study (Independent Reading): Look at the List of Grade 3 LITERATURE HERE. 
[Picture: Biddy]
Poetry study Term 1: A Child's Garden of Verses by: Robert Louis Stevenson, Term 2: William Blake Term 3: Sara Teasdale and Hilda Conkling Term 4: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Writing: Daily - Getty Dubay Italic Workbook, Daily Writing Project {Essay Composition and editing}, Editor In Chief Beginnings
Grammar: Daily - Language Lessons for Elementary Student, Volume 1 AND McGuffey's 2nd Reader, Rod & Staff Building Christian English Grade 3
Spelling and Phonics: Daily - All About Spelling Level 1 and Level 2

French: Bi-Weekly - French Primer Notebook and CD
Spanish: Bi-Weekly - Poco A Poco {Conversational Spanish} FREE PDF

Math: Daily Saxon Math 3  AND The Life of Fred Dogs Edgewood, and Farming

Science: Bi-Weekly FIAR, Nature Study & 
Science Readers - Term 1: Wilderness Ways Term 2: Ways of the Wood Folk Term 3: Secret of the Woods Term 4: Squirrels and Other Wood Beavers

History:  Daily - Our Island Story
Bi-Weekly American Exploration: Unit studies (Term 1: Columbus, Term 2: Jamestown & The Pilgrims Term 3: Daniel Boone Term 4: Lewis & Clark)

Geography: Bi-Weekly Home Geography for Primary Grades

All of the curriculum listed above is in addition to the Family Studies that are conducted in a multi-generational format in the afternoons, evenings and weekends.  You can read more here.

Posting next week on Grade 7 for 2012 - 2013!  See You Then!

Happy Homeschool Organizing!
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