5 Ways to Bring History Live! to Your Homeschool

History is hands-down my favorite part of teaching my children.  I have said for many years that I get along with two kinds of people, kids under 5 feet and people who lived 200 plus years ago.  Seems to really limit my social circles doesn't it?

As with most subjects that I teach, I follow a curriculum based on the Charlotte Mason method, but with a "Mac" flare.  (No, that's not a technical term)  History is more than just important in academics as a means to acquire knowledge, but to identify, sympathize and learn from others who went before us.  Whether good, bad or indifferent history reveals the nature of man and God's will orchestrated in the everyday using ordinary people.  I enjoy revealing the hand of Providence throughout history while learning along side my children.  History just rocks!

Here are a just few of the History Resources we utilize in our homeschool that teach and inspire the inner historian:

Story of the World Vol. 1: Ancient Times, Revised, Softcover1.  Story of the World:  These world history volumes cover a span of time from ancient history to the modern age of history.  The stories are interesting and make for great family read-a-loud time.  These books depict the everyday lives of people throughout history, along with their customs and cultures.  The activity books that you can purchase to accompany the storybooks contain engaging activities, games and coloring pages.  We used the audio stories and the activity book during homeschool cooperative last year.  The students looked forward to this time of day, as did  their teacher . . . me!
{Here my students are conducting an archaeological dig}

2.  History Pockets:  This activity books are amazing for hands-on history projects.  We discuss our history lesson and spend time discussing and creating with these amazing and fun manipulatives.  This is a superb resource to use if you are notebooking with your children.  My youngest child loves to produce these activities and give them as books to grandparents, family and friends.  This is a great tool for those who care about my kids to see what they are learning.  (See, we don't just sit around and watch soap operas while eating pork rinds!  We don't even eat pork . . . just saying.)


3.  Mystery of History:  Absolutely our children's favorite history curriculum and our favorite as parents and teachers.  The kids enjoy the stories and find them interesting and exciting.  Mystery of History also includes wonderful assignments and suggestions for activities after each lesson that the children enjoy.  My husband and I love the chronological teaching of history and the biblical worldview the books depict.

4.  American History Stories:  This is my favorite American History books series. These books are true living stories that tell of history you only thought you knew.  The telling of American History is essential to every US citizen and a desperate need for our children today.  We need more patriots, this book will help you build them.


5.  Role Play and Dress Up Time:  Think "Night at the Museum".  Give your kids a reason to suit up and act silly, and you may be surprised at all they learn and retain.  Acting like and dressing like characters from history helps the student to connect and empathize with the people and places they are studying.  Plus, it makes for great kid photo opportunities.

"They may take our lives, but they'll never take our freedom . . . "

I hope that you will see the value in teaching history to be engaging, and yes, even fun!  What is your favorite time period to teach to your students and why?

Happy History Time!

The Joyful Socks Mom  

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  1. This is a fun way for the kids to learn history! Your teaching techniques are definitely interesting, and the good thing about this is that they'll also learn how to socialize. I like how the Mystery of History presents all the important events in a timeline to make it more interesting and visually compelling.


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