Conference Fun You May Have Missed :(

This post is NOT a "rub-it-in-your-face, Ha! Ha! look-what-you-missed" post.  Let this post instead serve as a public service announcement.  
Yes, you may have missed the MOM ONLY! Boot Camp fun this year, but let us not repeat the mistakes of history.  Here are 10 reasons to attend MOM ONLY! Boot Camp next year, plus lots of fun images for those who did make it.

1.  Letting someone else give YOU directions!  It is generally nice to let someone else take the reigns, when as "Mom" you MUST have the reigns the majority of the time.
{Getting thorough directions!  She's a nurse, she can't help it!}

2.  Edification is not something you get at home everyday.  Yes, you do need to be edified:  Reverend Nigel Ali rejuvenated our "generational hearts" and edified us as Christian mothers to seek eternity in the hearts of our children, reminding us that this , alone, is the ultimate goal.
{Associate Pastor of Calvary Church - Reverend Nigel Ali}
3.  Encouragement & Realistic Suggestions:  Connie Hughes, Smockity Frocks, entertained and enlightened with her discussion on the "Marathon of Homeschooling".  The truth delivered with just a hint of irony . . . perfect!  Connie's stories about her family and her vast array of experiences are worth their weight in chocolate!

And speaking of chocolate . . .

{Joyful Socks getting a "little" excited about chocolate!}
4.  Where there are home educators receiving encouragement, there will be CHOCOLATE!
{Joyful Socks reminding a winner, "Yes, it is good to eat chocolate. But you might be close to homeschool burn out if you try to dip it in ranch." . . .Good advise.}
5.  SHOW-N-TELL Homeschool Book Fair!  No pressure curriculum sharing and networking.  Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors: 

{Joyful Socks discussing curriculum do's and don't's with some attendees}

6.  Musical Inspiration:  The Burkett Sisters provided worship and praise music that inspired and entertained.  These amazing home educated young Christian ladies delivered a vocal punch to rival Mariah Carey!  Connie, Smockity Frocks, pointed out that this is how she sounds when singing . . . in her head!
{Sheridan & Kenley belting it out!}
7.  Amazing workshops:  Experts that deliver practical wisdom for your home school.
{Amanda Terell delivers with no "apologies"}
  • Amanda Terell encouraged us to take up the task of apologetics in our family's discipleship using everyday object lessons.
  • Tina Aviles taught us that homeschool organizing is not as complicated as most of us make the task.  Isn't that true for just about everything?
  • Grace Classical discussed the basis of Christian classical educating and why it is still relevant and important.  
  • Joanne King of the D.I.E.T. program discussed recognizing the signs of dyslexia.

8.  The silliness of a Joyful friend!

9.  Good food and fellowship!  The benefits on not having to leave campus are tremendous, especially when home cooking is involved and YOU didn't do the cooking!
{MOM ONLY! Boot Camp Lunch "Tea" Buffet}
10.  Reminding yourself, you are not in this alone!

Happy NOT Back-To-School! 
The Joyful Socks Mom 

Here are some more homeschool resources we recommend: 
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