Mashing Your FAITH - Depression Week #1 Encouragement

Greetings and blessings in the Lord, Jesus Christ, to all of my fellow sisters in the faith!

I am excited and joyful about the brave steps of faith and longing that we are taking together in the LORD'S Holy Word.  Growing stronger together in the faith is an amazing experience, one I hope you will join.

Today, I have have chosen a new media form to encourage and inspire you, my sisters and readers, to continue your journey toward getting "depression" out of your vocabulary.  Below you will find a link to a Vimeo video.  This video will include an encouragement from me, Joyful Socks Mom, directions for starting the 8 Weeks To Becoming Fruitful Bible Study; resources for daily Bible Study and more about starting a new journaling endeavor in FAITH MASHING!  Hope that sounds as exciting as it has been for me, I'll explain in the video and blog a How-To next week.

Simply click through the video below for a personal message from Joyful Socks. (*If you are reading this through email subscription, YOU MUST click the Blog Post Link, taking you to this blog, in order to watch the video.*)
P.S. I limited myself to 12 minutes . . . it just didn't work out just like that! ;)

I have encountered a few "technical" difficulties with internet gremlins this week.  The Lord is with me though, and I will overcome!  I will be resuming our Bible Study on Sunday, which means you can expect it in your inbox (if you are one of my genius subscribers, that is) early Monday morning.  We will be examining scripture and I will have a Bible Study study guide ready for you to download then.

Until then ladies, rise up and press on toward the goal.  
Trust in the One who made you, brought you up and has you in His hand now.

Prayerfully hoping for healing,
The Joyful Socks Mom 

Where we are at?

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