Notebooking Construction: Off the Map Geography for Your Notebook


Geography is the next stop on our subject by subject tour of notebooking.  The key to success is to keep the geography, itself, exciting and engaging.  The process of notebooking can always follow when the fun is complete, not that notebooking isn't fun all by itself, because it is.  Geography just does not excite, unless your nerdy like me.  Here is a look at Geography notebooking without boredom. 
1.  Passports & Postcards - Create Passports to begin any journey in geography, then you'll be a globetrotter without having to dribble a basketball.  State Notebooking is also a great way to teach US geography and history together.  We enjoyed exchanging Postcards with other home educating families last year.  We made use of these and decorated our notebooking pages with them.
Simple Schooling 50 Days of 50 States

2.  FOOD!  Studying the various countries and cultures during geography can be made even more interesting with the culinary creations from around the globe.  We have eaten Ratatouille from France, Thai Spring Rolls & Lettuce Wraps, Sausages and Mash from England . . . get creative and get the kids involved.  

3.  Make Mapping Multi-sensory - Maps can be boring, especially if you have a hands-on learner.  Here are some excellent mapping and other hands-on geography ideas to keep them engaged: 

4.  Surveys & Scavenger Hunts - These are great ways to get your kids engaged in geography outside!  This is survey which could be used to survey family and friends.  Then you map and find all the places around the country and globe where your family and friends have been.  Here is a Scavenger Hunt for US geography.

5.  Create Models That Teach!  Here our the best geography teaching models: 
Remember to take pictures of your child studying or making these models.  This will help them to create a notebooking page about what they learned later.

Earth Eyes
Notebooking Printables for Geography:
Hope that you all have fun notebooking and "globetrotting" at the same time!

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Happy Notebooking!

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Here are some more homeschool resources we recommend: 
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Photo Credits for Geography Button: Lego Map guy by ntr23, Clay Earth by Derringdos, Globe by Balaji Bharadwaj, Statue of Liberty by Puzzler4879, Old Geography Book by sassyarts, Geography Girls by brentdanley


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