Frontier House, Sabbath & Church: Day 2 - 10 Days of Little House Learning

We continued our learning fun yesterday with some traditional rest on the Lord's day.  The pioneers needed this blessing greatly by the end of their work week!  Here is a look at what we discussed today during our 10 Days of Little House Learning:

(animated stereo) A 19th Century Sod House in Kansas
19th Century Sod house in Kansas - PHOTO CREDIT
This is an older PBS series from 2001 that we rented from our local library.  I have enjoyed using it to help us learn more about the pioneers and homesteaders of the Western frontier, not to mention the realization of how blessed we are in this century with all that we do have.  We only watch it using the ClearPlay though. (Some topics are not appropriate for children, and some language)
  • Discussed the Sabbath Day rest and its sacredness during the pioneering times.
You can read this excerpt from Little House In The Big Woods to help you discuss the Sabbath Day rest.  Chapter 5 "Sundays" Page 83 - Page 100

Here is a link to a song called My Sabbath Home from the book On The Banks of Plum Creek.  
  • Church in the Pioneering Days.
Old Church on the Autumn Trail
Church outside Winnsboro, TX on the Autumn Trail - PHOTO CREDIT
Be sure to join us tomorrow for Day 3 of 10 Days of Little House Learning!
-----> Day 1 The Party, Hopscotch & Buttermilk Pie!

 Happy Homeschooling on the Prairie!
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