D.I.Y. Hobby Starter Kits: Science Guy Fun Kit {with Links to Free Printables}

I enjoy giving gifts to the children I love, but I am a PICKY gift giver.  Yes, you heard it here first folks!

I just have major issues with always giving the latest video game, junk plastic toy or over priced plastic building set (brand remains anonymous).  I do LOVE for kids to be overjoyed in playing, inventing, experimenting, and learning in a fun and creative environment. 

I needed a gift for my 2 nephews, aged 8 years old and 10 years old.  Thus, I decided to go with an economical but fun learning kit that I built myself, with love.  Here is what I included in their Science Guy Fun Kit:

Science Equipment:

  • Safety Googles from the Dollar Store 
  • Latex Gloves 
  • Small Documentation Journal
  • Pop Rocks . . . because they explode and they're yummy!
I placed all their Science goodies in plastic carrying baskets I got at the Dollar Store, blue for one, green for the other.

Experiment Kits: I chose to include EXPLODING experiments because my nephews are TOTAL BOYS, but I have included a list of alternative experiments to use at the bottom of this post.

Here are some great alternative experiments that would fit easily into a hobby kit:

MAGNETIC MONEY (Kids really like this, obviously)

You can find tons of free experiments online, and I do suggest trying it at home!

Hoping your new year is full of wonder and joy!
The Joyful Socks Mom 
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  1. I've made Candy Experiment kits before, with M&M's for floating letters, Pop Rocks to put in water, Warheads to drop in baking soda water to make bubbles, and Wintergreen Lifesavers for chewing in a dark room to make sparks. Science kits are a great idea.

    1. Wow! Your book looks like tons o' fun! Science is such a great opportunity to keep children plugged-in to learning and keep hands-on as an educator. Thanks for stopping in.


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