A Winter's Refreshing: Homeschool Winter Summit (Oklahoma)

A rare treat.  A weekend away from home.  An overnight stay without my hubby or kids.  A weekend with fellow Christian sisters.  Edifying.  Encouragement.  Refreshing.

Enter in with me, to the Homeschool Winter Summit (Oklahoma) . . . and yes, I was cheesy enough to sing "the song" to the poor innocent bystanders riding with me!
Lovely ride with people who were willing to listen to me talk, and talk, and talk and talk . . . rare, huh?  Me talking and people listening?  What other choice do they have, they were stuck in a van with me.

We reached the most lovely Embassy Suites in Norman, Oklahoma.  Home city of some collegiate football team that I refuse to name on my blog. (freedom of speech)

Joyful Socks arrived with a bit of sneezing . . . 
maybe I'm allergic . . . 
to Oklahoma? . . . 
to being in the same town as "un-named" football team?

Photo: NOOOOOO! Must not get sick #hip #homeschool #mom at the #hssummit on Friday night.
Friday night session included wonderful worship.  Amazing yeah-homeschool-mom-you-go-girl pep rally.  And the stage was set.

I will not be sick, I will not be sick, I will not be sick!

On to Saturday's session . . . 
Photo: Day two at #hssummit and I am SICK but thanful for #GodsWord a good Christian friends to care for me! @smockityfrocks

Oh well, I'm sick, but in excellent company and getting a spiritual recharge that this mommy's batteries desperately needed.  Real sharing.  Real laughing.  Real home educating moms who love Jesus!

Reminders to see the good.  Reminders to be real with one another.  Reminders to validate one another.  Reminders to keep our marriage sacred.  Reminders that the Word of God is living and breathing and ready to work on your behalf to the glory of God.  Reminders to keep "drinking deeply of Jesus Christ" and "to be the sieve" pouring it out to our children (THANK YOU Cheryl Lange).  Reminders to dream big & be "Circle Makers" from Roxanne Parks.

Photo: Thank you so much Mr. Flu Shot for your helpfulness in preventing the #flu . . . NOT! However, it is a good sign that my sarcasim is flowing once again! #typeaflustinks #homeschool #Sickday

Home again with my lovely fellow travelers & as officially being dubbed from the stage as Connie's "sick friend" (hopefully the reference was for physical illness only?).

Officially I am on the mend and backed by MANY powerful prayers!

Photo: My get well gift from #thebug this morning? A nice collection of Lady Bugs from the backyard. *sigh* I love my kids! #homeschool #Sickday #hsmommas

Spent my first day back at homeschool in bed, seeing all the good:
  • Husband able to take off work & teach Bible to the kids, while waiting on me hand and foot, and telling me I'm beautiful when I'm sick and TOTALLY not feeling that way.
  • Executive director and parents who "have my back" filling in at Homeschool Co-op this week. (((Hugs)))
  • Children blowing kisses from the door way and a gift of lady bugs from my youngest (pictured above)
Thank you Jesus for your touch in my small life.  Thank you for making a way for me, your most humble of servants.

Read more about our fun time AND SEE MUCH BETTER PHOTOS from someone who was mentally and physically competent while attending Homeschool Winter Summit, over at Smockity Frocks!  Do you tweet?  Read lots more at #HsSummit hashtag.

Who will join me next year?  Hopefully minus illness, of course!

The Joyful Socks Mom 

Where we are at?  We are linking up this week with Homeschooling on the Cheap at 3boysandadog.com


  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better. I had so much fun with you!

    1. Ah, yes . . . feeling well enough that my blogging and sarcasm are working well. It was wonderful to fellowship and giggle with you! Hope to make more memories next year!


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