Art Education: Dad Does It Different, Not Wrong!

Being away for the weekend at the Homeschool Winter Summit meant a little planning needed to be done.  Dinners.  Laundry.  Housework.  The basics, plus I didn't want to leave Dad hanging on Friday with kids that were out of their homeschool swing.  

After some discussion we both decided that a trip to a local art museum would be a great homeschool field trip.  The Scout needed to visit an art museum for a Boy Scout Merit Badge and I needed the kids to review some European Art for enrichment to our Harmony Fine Arts curriculum.  Win, win!

Well . . .

Mommy's way of doing the museum:
Weeping Willow by: Claude Monet
Sounds simple enough.  Right?


Daddy's way of doing the museum:

  • The Modern Art Museum
  • Lots of engaged discussion
  • Tons of interacting with the art
  • Documenting their journey on camera

So, was dad's way wrong?  Nope!  Not a bit.  As a matter of fact, the kids have been chatting my ear off about their trip & I bet you a million they learned much more doing it dad's way.

Am I so blessed to have such an amazingly engaged, extra handsome home educating father for my children, or what!?!

P.S.  They went to the Kimbell Art Museum and completed mommy's assignments first . . . then they went and did art dad's way.

My vote?  Dad should now be in charge of field trips!  Anyone second that motion?

Home Educating with Joy!
The Joyful Socks Mom 

Big props for the photos goes to my 13 year old son, The Scout.  Good job!


  1. I second it! I loved the title of this post....so perfect. I am just really enjoying getting to know you better. Lisa~

    1. Same here lady! I moved forward with your seconded motion . . . but he just laughed at me. Can you imagine!?! Have a blessed week!


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