10 Ways to Bless a Homeschool Mom: Rise Up

Truth be known, historically the winter is the absolute yuckiest time for my health and mental wellness.  I am sure this is the case with many mommies, in general, not just home educators.  Unfortunately for the home educator, this means that the children's learning in the home has a tendency to fall-through-the-cracks, or daily learning seems to suffer.

This is exactly why I was proactive this year and attended the Homeschool Winter Summit in Norman, OK.  (Okay, so also because I love hanging with the ladies I caravan-ed with! Smockity Frocks, Kelly Wiggains, Marathon Mom and more.)  I did come down with the flu while there (not an excellent combination.  I do not recommend), but it wasn't an "epic fail" in the end.  

I recognized that I must be actively moving toward encouragement and edification during this season of the year.  I still ended up ill and in bed for two weeks straight, but having received new marching orders and a refreshed spirit, I was better able to maintain joy and focus.  My kids remained consistent in studies and excellence, and I was a much pleasanter person to be around.  Win, win, win situation.

Still, one has to stay completely proactive and walking in faith to maintain this kind of consistency until that first day of Spring!

With many situations in life's journey, it is important to lift-up others, rather than ourselves, in order to receive blessings from the LORD.  We were just discussing this at length during our Christian Living Course on Wednesday night at church.  When we help others it seems that the LORD is made more free to bless us in our own situation.  In short, are you struggling in this area or have a need?  Find someone in the same situation or that is struggling with the same need . . . then, bless that person.  So, if you are struggling to make it to your Spring semester with you and your children intact, bless another home educator.

10 Ways to Bless a Homeschool Mom
  1. Make a Freezer meal for that Oh man, I forgot that my family needs to eat EVERY night emergency that we have all encountered.
  2. Take your friend's kids to the park, museum or skate-day while she does lesson plans, or, even better, takes a bubble bath.
  3. Volunteer to do a Saturday Workshop to help your friend's kids with enrichment, or to get "caught up" in whatever subject is your specialty. 
  4. Run to the store and grab a homeschool "refill" supply pack.  Example: pencils, notebook paper, pens, playing cards, dominoes, markers, crayons, and the most important POST IT NOTES.
  5. Bless your friend with a Cleaning Day!   Arrange a day that you can help your friend tackle those deep-cleaning, not-so-fun, housework issues that have gone to the wayside.  MOVIE NIGHT at your house with for the kids and dads while you and your friend work.
  6. Help with the joyous (sarcastic-tone) work of grading!  Volunteer to take a big-fat, yes it's been sitting in one place since Christmas, pile of school work that needs graded.  Oh, admit it, we've all done it.
  7. Take time to write a note of encouragement.  Stopping the business of life to put our edification to pen is a blessing to those who receive  and those who give.  Just let your friend know that you love her, we all have trials as mom and home educator, and just give her some reassurance.  Visually seeing this is a blessing to any mom.
  8. Bless her with books.  Go to your local thrift store or used book store and stock up on books that fit her style of education, inspirational books or living books for the kids.  Believe me, a home educator can never have enough books. ;)

9.  Go shopping!  No, you cannot leave the kids behind!  Volunteer to do her grocery shopping for the week.  Just one more thing she can cross off her to-do list.
10.  Pray for your homeschool sister, and pray with her!  Truly, this is the greatest blessing for your friend.  Do not underestimate the power of Jesus  interceding on your friend's behalf.  God is still on the throne, and prayer still changes things!

Bottom-line?  Take the time to be a blessing, you will never regret time taken to help someone else . . . Scout's honor.

As a home educator, what would be a big blessing to you?

Joyfully serving with you,
The Joyful Socks Mom 

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