True Heroes: George Washington Mini-Unit

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This President's Day, I am bringing a new monthly series to the blog, True Heroes.  I will be featuring a person from history each month, because I'm a total nerd and history buff (yes, I'm okay with that).  I will be choosing individuals that meet specific criteria:
  • Historically significant individuals
  • Held openly Christian values & actions that matched those values (does this mean there were perfect, no, of course not)
  • Humbly served to better their society and world
To start us off, I have appropriately chosen February's hero, George Washington.
Washington portrait on horseback

Mini - Unit:
  • George Washington's Story (This link will lead you to another page on this blog, with a wonderful excerpt from D.H. Montgomery's book a Beginner's History of America)
George Washington's Rules of Civility Copywork Notebook  

1789 97 George Washington
PHOTO CREDIT via Compfight.com cc
Enjoy the joyful journey of learning at home.

Who is your favorite president?

Joyfully Learning Alongside You,
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