What's in the Book Basket? From the Shelves of a Bibliophiliac

The evidence has continually pointed in the same direction since I was of age to read. . . I am a bibliophiliac!  Unrepentant-totally addicted-absolutely passionate-reader!  Today, I would like to share my love and passion for good living books by giving you a peek into what is in the "book basket".

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The Book Basket: This lovely little basket holds the books that are currently being read-a-loud as a family.  
Mom's Living Room End-table:  These books are what I am currently consuming through out the day when I allow myself to ACTUALLY put my feet up.
  • Sacred Marriage: Love the tag line for this book ---> What if God Designed Marriage to Make Us Holy More Than to Make Us Happy.

  • Bible: King James Version
Next to my Bedside: These are my end-of-day reflecting or enjoyment books.  (Yes, I realize that using History reading for "enjoyment" is not "normal", but consider the source! . . . just saying.)

On my E-Reader:  This is what I read when the kids are reading independently during school time hours.
  • Notebooking Success:  Reading this through for the SECOND time this year hoping to glean more ways to motivate the kids in their notebooking methods.
What are you and your "bibliophiliacs" consuming these days?

Joyfully Learning Alongside You,
The Joyful Socks Mom 

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