WINTER WONDERS ---> D.I.Y. Winter Handicrafts at Home!

Well, here in Texas, it looks like the Groundhog got up early, for no shadow was cast and it feels like spring already!  

I wanted to share the last of the Winter Handicrafts that we enjoyed showcasing at our Winter Wonders Handicraft Workshops during December.  Perhaps those of you who are still experiencing the joy (or cabin fever) of winter, you may enjoy some of these fun ideas, or file them away on your pin board for next winter!

You can follow the links below each picture for a tutorial:

 Woven Snowflake Ornament: This ornament was great for the kids and building patience.  Following the pattern was very easy.  You can find a good tutorial at Activity Village UK.

Soap Snowman Sculpting: We found this adorable little snowman on Craft Elf.

Nature Study Ice Sculpture:  This doesn't really need a tutorial.  Just take a nice nature hike with the kids, a pie pan for each child, and select items they would like to use in their sculpture (I only let the kids select items that have already fallen to the ground).  After the hike, they gently pour water into their pie pan and add a long strand of yarn, buried in the water & hang it out the side as a sculpture hanger.  Then allow to freeze - hang outside on a snowy icy day, if you want it to last (sorry to point out the obvious downside).

Snowman Hot Cocoa Gift:  This was a favorite with all of the kids at camp.  We really never found an online tutorial, because it was simple to figure out.

You will need: 3 clean baby food jars, black & orange acrylic paint, clear acrylic epoxy ribbon for scarf, 1 small felt black circle, 1 cup hot cocoa mix, 1 handful of mini marshmallows & 1 handful of peppermints.

1.  Paint the caps to the baby food jars black and allow to dry.  Once they are dry, cut slit in the small black felt circle.  Insert the top cap into slip, slipping the felt around the cap.  THIS IS THE SNOWMAN'S HAT, it will be the top jar.

2.  Next paint your snowman's face on the top jar.  Allow to dry AND FILL THE TOP JAR WITH MARSHMALLOWS.  Next, fill the middle jar with cocoa and bottom jar with peppermints & screw on the lids.

3.  Now, assist your child by applying clear acrylic epoxy to the tops of the bottom jar & middle jar only.  Now stack the jars and allow epoxy to dry completely.  Then add the ribbon around the snowman's neck.

Hope you all are enjoying what is left of your winter.

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Did the ground hog see his shadow around your neck of the woods?

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Joyfully Crafting Along,
The Joyful Socks Mom 

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