10 Ways to Faithfully & Gracefully Handle God's Turn-Arounds

You are driving at a nice steady pace.

You are confident in the directions you have received.

The road was mapped, in advance, and it has been a relatively smooth journey, as of recently.

Yes, all the world is good and right for you, the obsessive list-maker, all the ducks-in-a-row, I can get-it-all-done-on-my-own mommy.

Until . . . 

The entire road ahead of you turns into a complete dead end, forcing you to turn your vehicle back almost the exact direction you appeared to have come from.
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Okay, now what God?

Of course, as I am typing "you" I am really referring to "me".  But you probably guessed that one already . . . I know you are smart like that!

Welcome to my life, reflective of the last three months  and the reason why you have not seen a post on this blog in many a moon!  God has completely changed my game plan, and I am once again searching for balance.  Maybe the mistake is to assume that "my plan" has any type of precedence in God's kingdom and His will for my life?  Yes, I know . . . you can slap my wrists later.

You see, I have a great tendency to love that set-in-my-ways mode that I tend to get in as a home educating mom.  Do you know what I mean?  

"No thanks, we are strictly Charlotte Mason homeschoolers."  
"I only do Shakespeare on Fridays, so no field trips for us."  
"We would not possibly use that classic book, it is abridged or illustrated . . . eewww . . . but thank you kindly."  
"Worksheets?  Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha . . . You MUST be joking!
(Note: This is my inner-monologue here!  Hopefully you know me well enough to assume that this would not intentionally come out of my mouth.  Of course, those who know me personally are using their inner-monologue at this moment saying, "You just can never tell with ole Joyful Socks!")

The "lone-wolf" syndrome, as my hubby so lovingly has dubbed this tendency.  It is a huge fallacy on my part to believe that just because the LORD gave me a vision to home educate will also mean that it will consistently "look" the picture-perfect way that I envision.  Sound familiar yet?

Where do we start?  All things worth doing in the kingdom of God begin with faith and (most likely) a little discomfort.  That's how we grow people.  So, let's pull up those "spiritual bootstraps" and be big girls about it, shall we?

1.  Prayer is numero uno!  Obviously.  Many course corrections or complete destination changes are specifically designed by the Master to draw us nearer to His throne.  Prayer changes things, daily, usually your own heart and mind. Lay it at the throne, and don't pick it up again.

2.  Stand on God's Word.  If you are having any course-correction jitters, you must search His holy Word to guide you into this new season.  Write down scripture that specifically speak to God's faithfulness, faith for the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ, or any promise God has imparted to you.  Bring these scriptures to remembrance  write them down, post them around your house 
. . . whatever it takes to build your faith on this issue, during this season.

3.  Simplify your daily lifestyle pace and drive through this season at a "Ma & Pa Kettle" speed.  Just in case you are wondering, that means realllllyyyyy slllooooooow!  Big changes can definitely throw off the delicate internal balance of your family's contentment.  What is most important is that your husband and children realize that they are still the top priority and any change will not alter that, as you work toward maintaining consistency in your home.
4.  Give up on making everyone happy (outside your home) or getting approval from everyone else on the direction you have determined to follow God in.  Face it, most normal folks just do not do change well.  Even when it does not directly affect or involve them.  They did not receive the same vision, they will most-likely not approve and you are a big girl and don't need permission to follow God's will.  That's it.

5.  Go on a date with your husband.  Stopping to let him know he is the coolest, best-looking, most awesome guy in the world is worth your additional effort anytime, but especially during changing seasons.  He does support the ENTIRE family & finance your entire homeschool vision . . . Might as well go hang out with the guy!

6.  Spend some time journaling, dreaming and cataloging this new amazing change that God is guiding you through.  You are more apt to see the blessings when you stop and take a look at the BIG, HUGE GOD-SIZED picture that He sees for you.  

7.  Play at the park with your kids.  Blow bubbles in the backyard.  Draw sidewalk chalk art.  Anything that includes you, acting like a kid and spending a relaxing far-too-few precious moments with your children.

8. Forgive yourself.  Forgive others.  Follow Christ.  Simple?  Yes, I'm just reminding you . . . and me!

9. Yo, super mom!  The LORD, Jesus Christ, saw fit to extend to you His perfect grace and redemption.  Do yourself a favor and extend to yourself some for that beautiful and amazing grace!

10.  Stop working for God and start working with God!  God is in control and He really does not need your help in achieving His purpose and will in your life.  Stop working for God, scratching out a living in the flesh, and let the Holy Spirit take control as you begin working alongside the One has your entire being mapped out for you already.  He chooses to allow us to work with Him because He loves us and wants a tender and close relationship with us.

Well, that is just as graceful as I get . . . in real life my physical gracefulness is rare to non-existence.  It is nice to know that God has grace enough, for the both of us!

How do you handle the major life turn-arounds?  Any wisdom to impart?  Please share your thoughts.

Joyfully learning & growing with you!

The Joyful Socks Mom 

Editor & Writer, www.joyfulsocksmom.com


  1. I really loved this one! I really *needed* this one. Thank you so very much! We are in the midst of so much change, including a HUGE move. It has had me flailing instead of focusing on what is most important.

    1. God's timing is impeccable,and it still amazes me . . . not sure why. He has always been an on time God. I will keep you and your family lifted up in prayers. Have a blessed weekend!


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