10 Reasons Notebooking Helps Home Educated Students: Notebooking Construction

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Notebooking is an essential element that I added to my teaching style years ago, both at home and at the academy where I instruct.  I have found that through the years it is a method that is consistent in its ability to promote a love of learning in my students.  

You can utilize the notebooking method in any and every subject that you teach, making it a versatile tool for any educator.  It is a method of teaching that in my experience, has gradually promoted self-education and excellence in all of my different students throughout the years.
As a life-long learner myself, I have enjoyed using this method to broaden my own horizons in the subject that I most enjoy.

Can you tell how enthused I am about notebooking?  Well, don't just bask in my enthusiasm, here are some more reasons to explore the world of notebooking in your own home education environment:

1.  Washington was an excellent notebooking student.  Leonardo Di Vinci's notebooking efforts are world renown.  If it worked for them, it might as well work for you.

2.  Students will tend to take more time, effort and pride in producing something that innately belongs to them.  When students create, they own.  When they own, they learn.

3.  The daily use of notebooks helps make grading a smoother, stream-lined and user-friendly process for the home educator.  Whew!  Can I get an, "Amen" on that one ladies?  All of the student's work is at your fingertips, ready to go.

4.  Students who learn the importance of good note taking skills, have a more convenient and easy-to-understand method of reviewing or studying at a later time.

5.  Notebooking is an excellent means for students to learn and develop good organizational skills.

6.  When a student uses their notebooking skills, they are exercising their ability to express their own thoughts and opinions about the subjects they are learning, promoting self-government and independent thought.

7.  As a student is able to express better what they believe, they can better develop a biblical worldview that allows them to defend their faith, with confidence.

8.  Notebooking can be an wonderful creative-based method, essential for a student's need for an artistic outlet.

9.  Keeping a notebook is a great way to keep record of what your student has learned and accomplished throughout the year.

10.  Note taking skills are of high value to any student that is college bound.

I hope that you will see the amazing benefits of learning, along with your children  and begin to utilize notebooking in your home educating.  You can find lots of notebooking inspiration on my Pinterest Board.

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