Fall is for Thanks {Weekend Reflecting}

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Reflecting on the week with joy; come good, bad, or indifferent . . . 
This week I have been busy catching up with grading, lesson planning & writing, both at home & school.  As I reflect on the week, I feel a great inclination to ruminate on the season of Fall, and change a few gears.  The kids are busy most every weekend with extra-curriculars.  My hubby has worked late most evenings & weekends.  Then, there is all the church fellowships, festivals, visiting family, and prepping for the holiday season.

If I do not continue on with full intent with giving thanks, and protecting our home life from distractions, we would be in danger of loosing the real meaning of this season.  I will not allow myself to "busy" my way out of giving thanks and praise for the extraordinary grace, mercy and love that Jesus has showered on me daily. 

Enjoyed some slow-cooked cheddar, broccoli & veggie soup with the kids outdoor for Friday luncheon.
What I'm reading this week . . .  
What can I say?  Homeschooler!
What the kids are reading this week . . . 
The Squeaker: Johnny Tremain . . . And I am excited to report a new book - Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austin (It is an illustrated classic version, which you know I typically frown on, but with a dyslexic kid ... Whatever works!)

Mom Projects I Tackled . . . 
  • Psalm-A-Day: I am reading Psalms with the intent of sharing what God reveals to me with my InstaFriends. You can follow along by following me on Instagram & following the discussion on the hashtag  #psalmaday
  • One Bite at a Time: Project 1 "Swallow That Frog" - For me this means consistently rising to the morning, after my devotional, and doing those things I most certainly would otherwise procrastinate for as long as humanly possible.  
Here are the posts I enjoyed this week . . .
Great pins from our High School Pin Board ---> Shout out to Tricia from HodgePodgeMom.com for posting such great articles & posts!

Read-A-Loud living books is an integral element in our home education. Here is the first in a series on how-to best read-a-loud from Simply Charlotte Mason.

Join me on Skip to my Lou for some Handmade Holiday action. Posts come everyday with sewing, crafting, baking, gift ideas and giveaways for the holiday season.

Here is a great post from Magic Onions for some simple Fall Leaf Crafting with the kids.

Joyfully Learning with You,
The Joyful Socks Mom 

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