Nature Study Menagerie: Why I Have To Make It Happen

Nature Study may not be the focus of our everyday study, but it is an important element that supports our love of learning.  When the world of our "home education" speeds hurriedly along, Nature Study reminds us to learn by observation and to revel in a perfect creation given by the most patient Teacher.

  • We are blessed to have a beautiful nature trail in our local community that is dedicated not just to conservation, but education.  The Master Naturalists are amazing with the kids, and always eager to share their wealth of knowledge.  
  • Even if you don't have such a blessing as a local nature center, I would encourage you to open wide the doors & make a place for yourself outdoors in God's wide creation.  Giving your children a moment to learn directly from their own Creator by observing His handiwork will be a continual blessing to them, and to you.
Master Naturalist and his daughter help teach the fine art of monarch tagging to the Bug.
The great Monarch hunter!
  • We also utilize our Nature Study time as an opportunity to hone some of our "Charlotte Mason" handicraft skills, art, scripture memory, and poetry study.  When you are observing and exploring creation, your soul feeds upon all of the evidence of God in nature.  This feeding is an excellent spring board for feasting on actions that help in our meditating on God & His Word.
The Bug creates some butterfly inspired art.
The Scout and friend begin some butterfly stained glass artwork.
  • Changing your environment can change your attitude toward anything that you may be learning, or struggling to learn.  Time outside helps to churn the stagnancy of the daily grind.  As a mommy and educator, I need this, most likely more that my children do.
The view of my favorite spot at the Nature Center from inside . . . what a difference in perspective!
Here are some of my favorite spots for Nature Study inspiration:
Nature Study Notebooking Coverpages 
& MY FRIEND THE WIND: 10 Wind Unit Lessons + FREE Wind Notebooking Pages
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